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Sophie’s Client

Intuitive and sensitive are two words i would use to describe Sophie's brilliant massage skills.
Never the same massage twice, she listens to what i ask for and also reads what i need once a treatment has started.
Before and after the birth of my son, I've relied on her talents to relax and revitalise myself at different stages of life.

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Reflexology and relaxation with Cordelia Bugeja

Myralynn Teacher

Not only does Cordelia give amazing treatments, she has a wonderful empathy with her clients. She has a great deal of experience, incredible knowledge and her treatments leave you utterly nurtured, relaxed and renewed. So so special.

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Reflexology during Pregnancy

Becky Therapist

Cordelia’s treatments are without question the best I have experienced. She has a great intuition and sensitivity, and I always feel wonderfully at peace after every treatment. She treated me throughout my pregnancy and post nattily…I never wanted our sessions to end.

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Cordelia’s client

I’ve had more reflexology treatments then anyone I know, and Cordelia sifts to the surface as the best. Her sunny disposition is infectious too, leaving me both beautifully relaxed and uplifted. Magic hands.

Julia Psychotherapist

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Reflexology for trouble sleeping
with Cordelia Bugeja

I confess I was a bit of a reflexology-sceptic! But I couldn't sleep so thought it was worth a try.

After my first treatment my sleep was noticeably better. After my second I started routinely sleeping through the night. At each treatment I felt that Cordelia - who is highly intuitive and very skilled - was giving it her all. I can't recommend treatment with Cordelia highly enough!

Victoria Journalist

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Pregnancy Massage with Katrina Miles

"I had lovely treatments with Katrina during my first pregnancy, they were the highlight of my week! Katrina has a very calm and relaxing manner and is incredibly knowledgeable about the various ailments and needs in pregnancy."

Ellie, PhD researcher

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Katrina’s client

Emma, TV producer

"Katrina has a wonderfully calm, kind and considerate manner which puts you immediately at ease. Her treatments are focused and tailor-made and she has done wonders for my persistently tight and knotty neck and shoulders. I have experienced many different treatments and massages and I can honestly say that Katrina is one of the best".

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Katrina’s client
Jenny, Civil Servant

"I have received massage from Katrina for a number of years and was lucky to have numerous treatments from her during and following my 1st and 2nd pregnancy. I find her sessions extremely soothing and relaxing, a real opportunity to turn off from the outside world and tune in. She truly has a magic touch. After each session I feel lighter and calmer".

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Leon’s Client

“I came to Leon with terrible neck pain and constant headaches as a result. He quickly identified the problem and after one session I experienced significant relief from the pain I was experiencing. Leon is passionate about Osteopathy and goes above and beyond to be the best in the field – he is highly intelligent and capable at understanding the complexities of the human body, examining every potential cause of your complaint and coming up with a speedy solution. He also gives comprehensive advice on how to resolve your problems in the long term – something not all Osteopaths offer. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough! ”
Rosie Emberton

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Leon’s Client – Back Pain
Phil Hebard

Leon identified the underlying issues of my back pain and successfully treated my problem using a variety of approaches. He also recommended exercises and changes of behaviour that would help keep the problem under control and help diminish pain, explaining how the body fits together.

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Leon’s Client – Neck Pain
Erin Headley.

I came to Leon for acute pain in my neck, and as a musician, I really needed special treatment. His knowledge of anatomy, of the latest health research and his sympathetic and holistic approach were truly impressive. I have already recommended him to several friends. On top of it all, he is a very engaging and friendly person.

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Leon’s Client – Sadlers Wells
Sadlers Wells Theatre, London.

‘Former dancer Leon Baugh, who performed at Sadlers many times over his career, is now a much valued therapist, treating many of our top performers and companies whenever they come to London.’

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Leon’s Client
Sylvie Guillem

‘Always ready to tackle a new physical mystery, a pleasure to talk to and a very professional man that I would recommend in the blink of an eye. Thank you so much for all you did for me Leon.

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Leon’s Client – The Royal Court Theatre
The Royal Court Theatre, London.

Leon has been treating the Company here at The Royal Court Theatre. The whole Company are always very happy to be seen by Leon and he produces amazing results. They are always asking when he's coming again.

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Leon’s Client – Shoulder Issues

When I came to Leon to address the issue I was having with my rotator cuff I was a little desperate. I work in film and television and use my body in skilled areas such as horse riding, sword fighting and puppeteering. I had been having on and off pain for the past two years and my last bout of pain was pretty excruciating. I had tried many different therapies and nothing seemed to work. Leons expertise as an osteopath and acupuncturist combined with his great sensitivity to body awareness undoubtedly instilled in him from years of dancing has made him a great healer. He treated the afflicted area and surrounding areas with such intuitiveness I felt an immediate relief. Unlike many practitioners Leon then prescribed me a regime of exercises that I diligently follow. They were simple to follow and very specific to my injury. The result is that I now sleep well and can fully return to work as an actor. In less than six months I now sleep well and rarely feel pain. He is easy to talk to and intuitive when he works. I could not recommend Leon highly enough.

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Acupuncture and Tuina for exhaustion – Milan’s Client

Veronica M. (London, Stoke Newington) May 2013

"Thanks to Milan’s acupuncture and Tuina massage treatments I experienced huge improvements in my health after a few weeks. When I first arrived at his clinic my body was in a state of exhaustion and illness from excessive work, travel and stress… I did not stop my work, but with changes to my diet, acupuncture and massage the balance resumed after a few weeks. Apart from Milan’s knowledge, I found his genuine caring and grounding approach, reasonable suggestions related to my lifestyle, patience and encouragement most helpful. Thanks again."​

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Rehana’s Client – The tight muscles of a Musician
Martina, Musician

I am a musician, playing the accordion, quite a heavy instrument which puts strain on my neck and back when performing and carrying the instrument.
I first went to consult Rehana when I was in agony and she put me out of my misery with her gentle magic touch. I was able to perform the same evening, truly amazing.
Over the last five years I have consulted Rehana on a regular basis in order to keep my back in good shape. Her treatments have been a great help to me, not only for my back but for my entire physical and mental wellbeing.

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Rehana’s Client – My seized up neck.
Sophie M.

I was going through a difficult time emotionally, with a lot of stress, uncertainty and fear. I got ill and my neck seized up. I looked like i was a hunch back and i freaked out. I went to see Rehana and her touch eased my taught neck and head with such care but also a subtle strength that was really relieving. After a few days, my neck and shoulders dropped back down from round my ears and i no longer looked like an old lady before my time! Thank you Rehana!

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Valeria’s Client
L, Age 34

Thank you sooo much Valeria for the moxibustion treatment during my 3rd trimester. The baby was breech and after treatment she turned head down. I was so pleased and relieved and ended up having a natural birth rather than having to consider a c-section.

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Valeria’s Client
R, Age 32

I highly recommend Valeria. I found her treatment, approach and knowledge on the specific subject around fertility issues incredibly helpful. I first saw Valeria after a miscarriage and found acupuncture to be very restorative, as I was feeling very fatigued. I had subsequent treatments from Valeria at several points in my journey from further losses to preparing my body to conceive and then alleviating morning sickness. With my specific journey acupuncture really helped after miscarriages it gave my body strength and energy. After two losses I decided to be proactive and get treatment to prepare my body to conceive, the specific treatment and overall advice from Valeria was invaluable and after two cycles I became pregnant. I subsequently developed an extreme form of morning sickness (HG) and acupuncture helped to alleviate the nausea and vomiting. Apart from the HG I had a healthy pregnancy and now have a healthy happy baby boy. Fertility and pregnancy is such a personal issue, wrapped up in a lot of emotions, I found Valeria calming manner and expertise in this area such a help. I can't praise acupuncture or Valeria enough!

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Valeria’s client

'I have really appreciated and been reassured by Valeria's research-based approach to treating difficulties with fertility. Initially I was a little skeptical about the benefits of alternative methods of supporting fertility - now I feel that is an excellent complement. I really value honest and open conversations with Valeria about how I am feeling and what I am doing to improve my chances of conceiving, in a relaxed and supportive environment. Valeria has made me look at different aspects of my diet and lifestyle to consider how I might make small changes to increase my chances of conceiving - and this advice is supported by recent scientific evidence. The acupuncture itself certainly helps me to bring my mind and body into focus and truly relax. Now I really miss it when I can't make a session.'

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Flo’s Client

My partner and I have been enjoying personal yoga sessions with Florentina for around a year now, and we are finding many benefits from the practise, both physical and mental. Tiny adjustments to the placement of fingers, toes etc that she recommends make previously unattainable postures possible (and sometimes even comfortable!) for me. I am enjoying much less shoulder and neck pain, less water retention and reduced PMS symptoms, increased flexibility, improved skin tone, and a calmer mind! Florentina is able to make a session into a strong cardiovascular workout or a deeply relaxing restorative experience, and all points inbetween. She has excellent knowledge of anatomy, and an abiding interest in using yoga to improve health and wellbeing. I thoroughly recommend Florentina's yoga classes!

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Alfredo’s client

I had been through a major shift in my life, some great, some heartbreaking. I wasn't sleeping and i felt really uptight. Alfredo treated me with such care and consideration, I was able to really relax and let go. I slept 13hours that night. I would recommend him highly.

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Mattea’s Client

Mattea has treated me for a number of years and really is a magician! I came to see Mattea on Sunday to
help me with persistent lower back and leg pain, as well as a general sense of being "out of sorts" and lacking energy. She is immensely intuitive and very skilled at establishing what the most effective treatment or combination of approaches will be - in this case, a combination of hands-on massage with powerful cranio-sacral therapy straightened out my back, relieved the pain and gave me a much-needed energy boost. She has a wonderfully sympathetic and gentle manner.

Many thanks Mattea!


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"I started seeing Wrisley after almost a year of really, really uncomfortable and tricky to manage GI symptoms - bloating, cramps, pain, irregular bowel activity, coupled with loss of appetite, energy and happiness. I couldn't work out what was going on - I thought I was eating really well. It turns out I was, but with Wrisley's help - time, patience and expertise - we worked out that maybe I was just eating the wrong things. Now, I'm well on the way to recovery and have a solid dietary plan to help me manage and alleviate the symptoms. To say I feel better now would be a huge understatement."

Simon, 38

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'Justin is extremely personable and thorough in his work. During my appointment, he assessed my health and lifestyle in a very holistic manner. Having done so, he was able to pin-point my back problem very quickly and provided appropriate treatment. I left without any backache for the first time in weeks!

He is a practitioner who I truly can't recommend enough. Lovely chap too!'


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Lelani Loubser

I cannot recommend Lelani Loubser, nutritionist, enough. From the outset, I have found her professional and personable, with a real air of caring for my well-being. She brought with her a wealth of expertise in food, nutrients, the body and health into our meetings and diligently researched my individual symptoms and needs in between so that each session deepened my understanding of what was happening in my body.

In particular, I have really appreciated Lelani's whole life approach and have greatly benefited from her suggestions, such as taking a relaxing bath at the same time each night and keeping my bedroom free of work activity so that I may sleep better. These lifestyle pointers have been of significant value and, alongisde the dietary guidance, I have experienced quite a transformation since first stepping into Lelani's office. My energy levels have risen, my vitality has returned and my sense of peace feels more instilled and more easily accessible.

Lelani has shown throughout to be interested, generous, kind and insightful. Indeed, her insight paved the way for successful diagnosis of my condition that 18 months of tests and consultations with various doctors failed to spot. For this alone I would give my wholehearted recommendation, yet Lelani has proven her skills on so many more levels. She is surely one of the best out there and I, for one, am a very satisfied customer.

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Lelani Loubser

I first visited Lelani 3 months ago and can honestly say it has been a life-changing experience. My diet has transformed and I now understand a lot more about the link between what I put into my body and long term health. My friends and family have noticed significant differences.

Lelani has fully supported me with guidelines, reading materials, menus and ready-made shopping carts of ingredients and supplements to buy, in regular calls and emails. Some changes have been harder to incorporate into my routine than others (for example, one of the juices that was taking too long to prepare) but Lelani has adapted the recommendations to fit into my lifestyle and advised the parts which I need to make time for.

Since our first meeting, I have lost 10% of my body weight and 2 inches from my waist. More importantly, I feel healthier and have acquired skills and habits I will use for the rest of my life. I am doing things which I never believed I could just a few months ago (such as bulk cooking food at the weekend, or making my own probiotics). Thank you so much, Lelani and I hope to keep working with you to make further changes as my diet improves.

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Thai Massage with Danila
Robi, Yoga Teacher.

Thai Yoga Massage with Danila has been life changing for me. I had issues with stiffness and tension in my shoulders, upper back and neck, due to my work; these issues were starting to affect my yoga practice and my daily life. Danila carefully examined and treated those areas with her skilful and intuitive treatments, and i felt refreshed and relaxed after the first session. After years of deep tissue, and very little improvements, I decided to try Thai Yoga massage after having experienced some of its benefits while in Thailand. With regular sessions, Danila restored a healthy mobility in my shoulders and relieved me of the pain in my neck. I left every session feeling rested and balanced but at the same time energised and stretched. My posture and flexibility have improved considerably. Her effective stretches and caring approach worked on different levels, helping me to stay flexible and healing my pains.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Sperm Abnormalties

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for quite a while. I had previously been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and had been on the contraceptive pill for a number of years, so first visited Marian in the hope that she could hlep regulate my periods. A few months later, a combination of acupuncture, lifestyle changes and simply time off the pill, had I believe, all contributed to me having a much more regular cycle.

However, finding ourselves still unable to conceive my husband and I underwent further test whereupon it was discovered that we were also facing oligozoospermia (very low sperm count). We were informed it would be impossible for us to have a child without ICSI.

At this stage my husband also began acupuncture with Marian, in addition to which he stopped drinking, got more sleep and so on. While it was physically impossible for any of these things to change my husband's sperm count in any significant way, we hoped that it would make the best of what we had to work with!

We began ICSI process, during which time I had acupuncture very regularly, particularly around the time of egg retrieval and embryo transfer. We were relieved to be told that thhe embryologists had found plenty of sperm (of the right shape and swimming in the right way!) with which to fertilise the eggs. A few weeks later, we were utterly delighted to find that I was pregnant. The baby is now due in two weeks time and we thanks Marian for helping us to get into the best physical state possible for the ICSI to work its magic.

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Lisa’s client
Iona, London

"I went to see Lisa at a time that I had horrible pains at my lower back, she took away all the stress off my shoulders and my back felt lighter, whilst the massage experience was amazing. I was happy to notice the next day that all the remaining pains were completely gone. Fully recommended!"

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Lisa’s client

"Lisa is my saviour. She understands and connects with my body, intuitively knowing exactly what i need on that day. She is undoubtably the best massage therapist in the world.....just don't tell everyone!"

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Lisa’s client
Rob, London

"Lisa was very attentive to my personal situation and to what needed doing. The treatment was firm, thorough and relaxing. I left feeling not only a genuine improvement in my ailments, but also greatly refreshed. I would recommend her to anyone."

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Chris Harris’s client

I went for treatment with Chris several times and found that he helped with my problem in a big way. I had suffered a painful tailbone for a long time and Chris certainly sorted it out. I came out feeling 10 years younger! He really listened to how I was feeling and found the spot. There's magic in those hands.

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Chris Harris’s client

When an old injury came back to haunt me I tried to ignore it, hoping it would go away. But I ended up in terrible pain and discomfort. In desperation I limped along for a consultation with Chris, hoping he could work miracles. He did. Within a few weeks, and after only a few sessions, not only was I walking with a skip in my step, but I was back on the dancefloor too. What can I say, the man knows his stuff. I still don't understand how it works - I only know it does! I would definitely recommend Chris and cranial osteopathy to anyone, anytime, for just about anything.

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Reflexology for Pregnancy


I'd never had a reflexology session before but after the very first one with Anna Lee I was hooked. I felt such a release of stress and tension and an increase in well being and relaxation that I knew it would be something I did throughout my entire pregnancy.

Anna is very knowledgable about pregnancy and childbirth, she has a lovely calming, attentive and clear way of communicating and working. I felt as though I could share exactly what was going on with someone who understood and had the expertise to be able to help.

Now that our son is here it is wonderful to see what an alert, calm and happy baby he is. I feel this is in part due to how relaxed I managed to stay throughout the pregnancy and the sessions with Anna were a large part of that.

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Reflexology for Back Pain

I had my first reflexology treatments from Anna Lee in 2006. I have been extremely impressed, not only by her skill and
knowledge, but also by her empathetic, but thoroughly professional,
approach. The treatments I have received from Anna have made a noticable
difference to my long-standing back and neck problems and I invariably
emerge from a treatment feeling physically restored, but also calmer and
with a general feeling of well-being - Anna treats the whole person! Anna
gave a couple of treatments, at short notice, to my heavily pregnant
daughter at a stage when she was very physically uncomfortable and made an
enormous difference to her physical and emotional welfare. We would both
have no hesitation in recommending Anna unreservedly. She is a truly
outstanding and professional reflexologist, with a lovely personality.

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Acupuncture helped my sleep and energy levels.

Sophie looked at the bigger picture rather than just focusing on the one thing. After a few treatments I started getting some full nights of deep sleep and started to feel more relaxed and less fatigued. A few months down the line and Im almost sleeping properly again and feeling more energised and just stronger in general, I feel like I have my ‘bounce’ back. Sophie was able to give me pointers on items missing from my diet and also how rest/taking time out is important which I have taken on board. NS

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Acupuncture with Sophie Webb

When I started visiting Sophie I was suffering from excruciating sciatic pain, shoulder pain and generally feeling sluggish and very overweight. However now after 6 treatments I can truly say that I feel like a different person; the shoulder pain has disappeared completely and the sciatic pain has all but disappeared. My general well being has improved so much due to the fact that I am now sleeping very well, something that I hadn’t done for a very long time. I am at the age where I suffer from hot flushes which are very wearing; again after a few weeks of treatment the flushes have subsided so much that they are no trouble to me now. I can say hand on heart that since receiving treatment from Sophie my life has changed significantly and I now feel in control of my life and well being.

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Pregnancy Yoga with Abi
Katrina Johnson, South London

“A beautiful mummy yoga session today with Abi. It was the perfect combination between stretching and connecting on a deeper level to the little person inside me. The deeply relaxing savasana meditation was just amazing for both some much needed relaxation and in helping me visualise the journey my little one has to go through; with the amount of kicking that was happening he / she definitely liked it too! She is an amazing teacher and clearly born to do this!”

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Yoga and Life Coaching with Abi
Tara Scammell, North London

“I cannot put into words how much Abi has done for me. I have been through a particularly challenging time in my life when everything I cared & hoped for was lost. I was turned upside down and then shaken out. I have days where I feel utterly lost and it’s those days when I see Abi that I am suddenly grounded and so much more able to cope. Her combination of life coaching, yoga, reiki and Alexander Technique make her truly magical and utterly unique, a mixture of the spiritual and the practical. Abi has a sense of calm to her that is so rounded and down to earth. Not even slightly pious as I have found yoga teachers to be occasionally in the past. She is utterly approachable and creates a confidence in me that allows for a much more rewarding practice. She straightens me out physically and mentally. Setting me off with my feet planted firmly on the ground and my head levelled out between sessions. I honestly can’t recommend her enough. She will calm your mind, cleanse your body and feed your soul.”

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Acupuncture with Marian

I came to Marian when I was trying to get pregnant and experienced irregular or no ovulation due to hormonal imbalances. I started regular acupuncture sessions with her, and also followed her nutritional advice and took some herbal supplements. A few months later I ovulated more regularly and conceived fairly quickly. I have no doubt the combination of those things helped me to get there.

I continued to visit Marian monthly during my pregnancy and she was an amazing support for all my pregnancy ailments physically and emotionally. I noticed the difference of how my body issues were relieved and I felt less stressed and worried right after treatments. Thank you Marian!

The result of your work, is our little Zoe!

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Acupuncture for Pregnancy with Marian Fixler

I initially came to Marian for fertility reasons following a recent miscarriage. I wanted help to recover and to become pregnant again. I knew I had come to the right place; her supportive and gentle approach treats the whole body and includes lifestyle and dietary advice. After seeing her for a few months, my menstrual cycle had regulated and I felt much stronger and calmer. Soon after, I found out I was pregnant again.

Marian treated me throughout pregnancy and addressed the various changes to my body, including varicose veins, disturbed sleep and heartburn. We found out that our baby was breech at 30 weeks and Marian showed me moxibustion techniques to do at home to help turn the baby around. She was an important part of helping me to approach my pregnancy and birth in a calm and relaxed way.

Marian has a deep and instinctive knowledge of the body, my experience was around fertility and pregnancy but she would be my first port of call for anything else that may arise. I would recommend her very highly indeed.

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Physical and Emotional Support with Acupuncture

Marian Fixler was recommended to me by my Reflexologist to help me with my pregnancy problems. I had previously had three miscarriages over a period of five years and at the age of 41 was finding it difficult to conceive. Regular visits to Marian helped me regulate my cycle, improve my general health and rebalance my system. I also found that I was receiving more care and information about my situation than I did from general practicioners, which helped me enormously from a psychological point of view.

During that time I also lost my mother and the acupuncture helped me through the grief I was suffering of the loss of my babies and my mother. One of the biggest hurdles with fertility issues is being able to control the stress involved and while I was also receiving other medical treatments I am convinced they would not have been successful without the help of the acupuncture I received from Marian. Our beautiful baby daughter, Olivia Rose is testament to that.

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Lisa’s client
Roos, London -

"This was one of the best massages I ever had and I have many massages a year and I see a physiotherapist regularly. Lisa has the ability to really tune in and be attentive to the body she is treating. For me that is the most important difference between a good massage and a really good massage. Lisa finds the tender spots and it really feels like she’s healing you with her warm hands. Afterwards I felt completely relaxed and my tension had dissolved."

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Marian treated me over the course of a couple of years firstly for unexplained painful menstruation and then while I underwent fertility treatment. After experiencing the frustration and heartache of trying for a baby over a period of several years and the confusion of throwing myself into a range of complimentary therapies, I immediately found Marian's gentle yet confident approach a huge relief and knew I was in capable hands. My sessions with Marian both in her wonderfully peaceful garden in Highgate and at Shine in Stoke Newington provided much needed respite and relaxation and I always left feeling calm and, most importantly, positive about the future. I conceived after my second frozen embryo transfer and returned to Marian after overshooting my due date to encourage things to move along. The fact that my waters broke on the walk home from my final session with Marian is testament to the effectiveness of her treatment! My beautiful daughter was born in December 2012.

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I started the pre-birth preparational acupuncture with Marian at 36 weeks. I also did preparational acupuncture during my first pregnancy with my son in Berlin and found it very helpful for a natural birth. Seeing Marian was always a very relaxing experience where I could address concerns and problems which arose at that late stage of my pregnancy and which she treated really well.

Particular helpful were the accupressure points my partner used during labour. Marian gave me a booklet with all the useful points and explained me how to use them during labour. It made a huge impact on coping with pain and allowed me to give birth without any painkillers or medical interventions. The birth of my daughter was a truly magical experience and especially feeling very close to my partner in actively helping me cope with pain made it an even more special experience in my life. I can highly recommend Marians treatment to every expectant mum.

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During my first weeks of pregnancy severe nausea and vomiting started. I received acupuncture before but Marian Fixler is specialised in pregnancy related treatment so I chose her treatment instead. The nausea persisted throughout my whole pregnancy, although the vomiting subsided almost immediately. The treatment had as positive result that I did not have to be admitted in hospital. I could manage the symptoms myself and stayed hydrated enough.

I have had by no means a straightforward pregnancy and I feel that the treatment and support of Marian has made a great difference.
I would recommend Marian's treatment to other pregnant ladies without hesitation and want to thank her for everything she has done for me throughout the last 7 months!

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Apart from being a lovely personality, Marian's acupuncture treatment proved to be invaluable for me during my pregnancy. All of my pregnancy related conditions, like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, oedema and a posterior baby have found relief and got significantly better after some treatments. I feel that my body is well prepared for labour now. Marian also introduced me and my partner to acupressure for labour, resulting in my partner becoming very confident and involved with a very positive approach towards the birth of our baby.

Thank you very much for all your help, Marian.

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The treatment I received from Marian helped me recover from lung surgery both medically and psychologically, using her expertise in acupuncture and the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that helped me feel more in control of my pain and recovery. Highly professional wiht a good dose of empathy and humour, Marian helped me feel that I was being cared for as a person as well as a patient.

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

S Kelly

After receiving a nasty injury to my lower calf where the area
surrounding the impact directly onto my bone had swollen significantly, I
started a weekly treatment of Lymphatic Drainage which made it easier to
walk and reduced the localized swelling and then allowed a further
course of light effluage directly on and around the area on impact to
help breakdown the remaining fluid and speed up healing.
The swelling had dissipated by week 4 and I resumed football training after week 6
and this past injury has not bothered me since.
I would definitely recommend anyone with this type of injury to Flo
for me the results and benefits are clear.

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Pregnancy Reflexology & Aromatherapy

K McNish

I feel very fortunate to have found a practitioner as kind, professional and skilled as Florientina is. She always goes above and beyond the call of duty, making sure you are comfortable, informed and supremely relaxed. Throughout my pregnancy Flo was invaluable with massage and reflexology. I can honestly say I wouldn't have got through the very difficult last trimester without her. She listens to you and what your body is telling her, and removes tension that has built up in my case for years due to a hectic professional and social life. I cannot praise her enough.

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Aromatherapy Massage with Florentina
S Bell

"I have been receiving massage treatments from Flo for the last 8years. I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis and have done for more than 20 years and so she uses essential oils to help with the pain. I carry a lot of tension in my upper back and shoulders and after a massage always feel that I have much more movement and less knots after my treatment. I feel such a good sense of wellbeing after my treatment and always sleep like a baby that night. I see Flo on a monthly basis as I find the treatment beneficial to body and mind - to relieve the pain and have the tension broken down so that movement is easier makes me have a more positive frame of mind. I consider my treatments with Flo essential body maintenance."

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Veronica’s Client
Abi, London

"I was advised some time ago to have regular deep tissue massage for my back and shoulders by an Osteopath to relieve and reduce the build up of tension and pain. I tried several massage therapists initially and I have been one of Veronika clients for about 5 years now and have not looked back! Since being treated by her, my symptoms have reduced and I always feel both calm and invigorated after treatment. Veronica’s warm, engaging person centred approach to holistic deep tissue massage with blended oils is a great tonic for managing the stresses of a busy life and I can highly recommend her."

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Veronica’s client
Kate Figes, London

"Veronika can read your body with her hands. She is also one of the nicest people you could hope to meet."

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Veronica’s client
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Milan’s client

Peter Evans (London, Highbury)  January 2015

'I have been having regular massage treatment from Milan for over two years and have always been impressed by his professionalism, friendly and attentive manner, attention to my needs and his sound advice. I would not hesitate to recommend him for anyone requiring treatment'.

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A Professional Dancer with Musculoskeletal issues – Milan’s client

Ruth Voon (London, Shepherds Bush) April 2014

"I came across Milan by chance and I was so impressed with him he has become one of my regular practitioners for musculoskeletal issues. As a professional contemporary dancer, I frequently have niggles here and there and Milan was a huge support during a particularly challenging project adopting a range of techniques such as massage, acupuncture, cupping and moxa. What makes Milan different from other therapists is his level of care - not only does he provide a great treatment, he also gives aftercare advice so I can be pro-active in looking after myself and not rely on seeing him and to me that is the mark of a great therapist."