Treatment Reviews

Treatment Reviews
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110 reviews with an average rating of 5.0
Salon Review
Ana has been very good at teaching me shiatsu on my son who has Asperger's/ADHD. He finds it relaxing and can sleep better after the shiatsu. Its a nice bond between me and him and makes the bedtime routine special. Ana has been patient and good at explaining what we are going to do and why we do it. She has a wealth of knowledge and is happy to pass it on to parents to help their children relax. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. - Brigitta, mum, London
Salon Review
I met Jade a year ago when I was looking for someone who specialises in a holistic practice and found exactly what I was looking for. Jade's sensitive and consultative approach before each treatment helps to pinpoint the area(s) of focus each time, and as a result the treatment becomes tailored and responsive to what is occurring in my body. She has helped me relieve my stress levels, enhance my energy levels, address areas of tension in my back, and find a deeper sense of relaxation and grounding. She has a wonderful ability to tune in to the body and this connection enables it to be a fundamentally valuable part of my preventative health strategy. Whether you wish to focus on one issue or generally support your wellbeing, I would unequivocally recommend engaging Jade – Evelyn , London
Salon Review
David, IT- Consultant London
Wanted to let you all know of Lisa - expert in chronic + relaxing hot stone massage. Well worth a visit - she's helping me overcome a 10 year old repetitive iPhone use shoulder injury. Superb massage - one the best I've ever had (and I've had loads).
Salon Review
Shirley Vaughan
Sarah Warman - Alexander Technique I first met Sarah about two years ago, when I went along for an introductory Alexander Technique session. I had had some previous experience of AT with another teacher some years ago, and as I was having problems with headaches and tension in my neck and shoulders, I thought it would be beneficial for me to explore it again. I felt an immediate connection with Sarah, and I was delighted to find that her unique style resonated so positively with me. I particularly like her holistic approach to her work - recognising the interconnection between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sides. I have not experienced AT like this before, and yet it makes so much sense, and it has been of such benefit to me. Arriving for a session with Sarah feels like stepping out of the hustle and bustle and into a peaceful oasis, where I can allow time for myself and have the space to be myself. This is hugely valuable to me in my hectic life. I would recommend Sarah wholeheartedly. She is very supportive and works with empathy and understanding. Through her, I have learned some wonderful techniques to help me through my life, and have gained so many unexpected insights. SV Classical Musician/Singer
Salon Review
Rachel, singer and voice coach, London
'I have spent dollars on remedial massage, Ayuverdic massage etc but have to say after all this time I have found the BEST masseuse in London - if you have £70.00 or thereabouts and can get to Shine - Lisa de Liema is a sensitive, awake, seriously trained and gifted masseuse - the hot stone treatment is pure heaven and you will feel renewed beyond all expectation!!'
Salon Review
CH, North London
Mattea has treated me for a number of years and really is a magician! I came to see Mattea on Sunday to help me with persistent lower back and leg pain, as well as a general sense of being "out of sorts" and lacking energy. She is immensely intuitive and very skilled at establishing what the most effective treatment or combination of approaches will be - in this case, a combination of hands-on massage with powerful cranio-sacral therapy straightened out my back, relieved the pain and gave me a much-needed energy boost. She has a wonderfully sympathetic and gentle manner. Many thanks Mattea!
Salon Review
Susan Tokley
Calm and welcoming atmosphere. Friendly staff and really professional treatments. I can really recommend Beth Dorey's massages. They make you float on air. I keep coming back for more. Sue.
Thanks Susan, will let Beth know about your kind words, I agree, she is excellent!!!