Which Wellness Treatment Is Right For Me?

Wellness Treatments at Shine Health, Hair & Beauty Salons in Stoke Newington and Newington Green

We know what wellness is and we know the essential ingredients to feel it, good diet, regular exercise, a sense of purpose, community and a positive attitude. Simple, right?

Sometimes, there are things that block us from feeling a sense of wellness, which we are not able to identify. This is where Holistic therapy can help. Not all treatments are designed to just be a relaxing experience, though they can be that too. Many can serve as identifiers, to help signpost what is out of balance and what you can do to regain your optimum sense of wellbeing.

Bowen Technique

Very popular in Australia as the go to Bodywork technique, Bowen is a subtle physical treatment, but can be very powerful energetically and in encouraging physical change in alignment.


Natural, safe methods to support breathing related conditions. Buteyko can be taught to children as well as adults and can also help with anxiety.

Dr Hauschka

If you are at the end of your tether and feel like you are running on empty, the Dr Hauschka method can revive you in ways that you didn’t even know you needed to be.


If you are stuck in cycles of anxiety or have a phobia that is holding you back, then EFT can help give you the tools to break the loop. Simple tapping motions at the appropriate trigger points for you are taught to you, so that you can take this skill with you and find release.

Herbal Medicine

Rejuvenating Herbal remedies to boost your energy; help with conditions and improve your wellbeing.


Full diagnostic history for tailor made remedies to help you rejuvenate yourself. Homeopathy can help you deal with any stressors, anxieties or conditions that you are struggling with, through a modem of like cures like, boosting your body’sown healing system.

Hopi Ear Candles

Clear your ears; hear the world better!


Combined skills of Herbal Medicine, dietary advice and bio energetic testing to read your body’s intolerances and deficiencies.


Advice and support for optimum health through diet.


Working with the concept of having chakras through the centre of our body, each representing a different part of our body/life/energetic force/motivation, these can be tapped into to feel what needs calming down and what needs nurturing.


Certainly not just a fancy foot massage, though it is an incredibly relaxing treatment, provided you are happy to have your feet touched! A reflexologist will read you like a book and help enlighten you on what may be off kilter, or offer support on how to help you rebalance what you know is off key with you right now.

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