When should I see a doctor about my back pain?

You should see your doctor if your pain:

•Is very severe or lasts for a long period of time
•Affects your everyday activities.

Very rarely, back pain can indicate a more serious problem.

shine-dSee your doctor immediately if you:

•Have difficulty controlling or passing urine
•Lose control of your bowels
•Have numbness around your back passage or your genitals
•Have weakness in your legs or are unsteady on your feet
•Have very severe ongoing pain that gets worse over several weeks.


Getting Help with Undiagnosed Back Pain in the Stoke Newington Area N16

Finding the cause of your discomfort and the correct treatment for it, can be an overwhelming task. Often a symptom may appear as a cause.

If you have yet to find the cause of your pain, or perhaps a doctor has been unable to suitably diagnosis and has put you on a waiting list, we at Shine would initially suggest you see either a Physiotherapist or an Osteopath. One may refer you to the other depending upon the systemic cause of your condition, be it neurological, muscular or skeletal. However both practices have diagnostic capabilities and will be able to begin your programme of recovery with you.