Aromatherapy is a heavenly holistic therapy which uses essential oils and massage to promote your physical and spiritual wellbeing. The gentle synthesis of beautiful aromas and sensitive touch, encourage the deep relaxation that’s required to overcome stress and restore balance to your mind, body and soul.sh_health_MLD_280

Essential oils have intrinsic medicinal and therapeutic constituents and many of them contain pain relieving properties which make them invaluable for treating aches and pains. Lots of aromatherapy oils contain anti-inflammatory, expectorant or digestive properties, so they actually have a wide range of use beyond the emotionally soothing and stress relieving effects.

The sessions begin with a brief consultation, in which the practitioner devises a unique blend of pure essential oils to match your individual needs, making sure that she is aware of any allergies or conditions that may effect her choice of oils. As she massages you, the oils stimulate your smell receptors, which in turn influence parts of the brain responsible for memory and emotions.




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60 minutes £65
90 minutes £90-£95
120 minutes £120


Shine Holistic