Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is an empowering therapy which uses deep relaxation to encourage your body’s self-healing resources. Unlike most massage-based treatments, it aims to realign your body from within, rather than through external physical manipulation. And, like traditional Chinese medicine, it focuses on stimulating and balancing your energy flows.

This subtle technique is often sought for chronic and acute pain relief, sports injuries, musculoskeletal problems, allergies, digestive issues or sciatica. The practitioner makes gentle rolling movements at precise points over tendons/ligaments/muscles or nerves with her thumbs and fingers, interspersed with periods of rest, to allow your body to respond. Benefits may include long term relief from pain, realignment and increased energy. Safe for adults and babies.

Three to six visits are generally recommended for maximum results.

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60 minutes £65


Mattea Di Gaetano

Shine, Church Street

Monday  3.15 – 9.15pm
Thursday  5.15 – 9.15pm
Friday  9.30 – 5pm
Saturday  9.30 – 1pm

Shine, Newington Green

Saturday  2.15 – 6.15pm

Shine Holistic