Ankle Sprain & Ankle Strain

Ankle Sprain & Ankle Strain. 

A Sprain involves the over extension and possible tearing of ligaments, whereas a Strain involves that of a tendon. Tendons are easier to repair as they are quite thick and fibrous, whereas ligaments have little flexibility or blood supply to aid self healing. With either injury, you can use the RICE method (see below) in the first 24-48 hours of the injury. It is advisable to see your Dr or a Physiotherapist to deduce which form of ankle injury you have. Once the acute phase of the pain is over, you will be advised to begin simple exercises such as rotations, to ensure the mobility of the ankle can return.

Whats the RICE Method?

Rest – Ice – Compression – Elevation: This is an essential method of relieving acute pain such as swelling from falling over and twisting your ankle in the first 24-48 hours . Its always best to lay the ice on the injury instead of placing the weight onto the ice. If the affected area is on the back of your leg, roll onto your stomach and place the icepack on top.

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