Craniosacral Therapy: a wonderful resource during pregnancy and after birth

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is renowned for its gentle approach to healing and its deep, moving effects. It is a great tool to have    at your disposal throughout pregnancy, during birth and beyond!  The same light, healing touch that is used on adults can also    be used on babies.

Many times pregnant mums come for CST after the first trimester presenting with lower back pain, aching legs and feet and a sense of discomfort. Other complaints often include water retention, constipation and occasional headaches or dizziness. These physical ailments can be addressed using CST.

The holistic approach of CST can be extremely powerful in connecting with the body’s innate ability to relieve imbalances, tensions, compressions and patterns of stress. During a session mums feel their bodies relax: they can now let go and sink into a deeper and more fluidic sense of being. Many times this experience can feel so moving that it helps mums to spontaneously connect with the baby within them. This can foster a new awareness of the connection and relation between mother and baby.

Craniosacral therapists are skilled at tuning into the connective tissue of the body. This can relax intrauterine pressures, making more space for the growing baby to get into an optimal position for birth. It can also help to release tensions on the spine while supporting the Central Nervous System (CNS) and letting the very important cranial nerves flow at ease. This is of great significance as soft muscle and tissue tone is essential for a smooth pregnancy and easy birth. A soft and connected CNS will help mum and baby to feel spacious, connected, nourished and essentially relaxed.

Once the CNS reaches its crucial state of ease, connection and flow, homeostasis can be aimed for. Homeostasis is the condition where the internal environment is perfectly balanced and still. At this point a balance of hormones, PH, temperature and other vital body systems can begin to be reached starting from within each cell and integrating all the major organs and systems of the body.
After a course of CST sessions mums to be often feel more in tune with their bodies and better prepared for the process of giving birth. The healing experience of CST sets them on the path for a calm, centred and relaxed approach to the birthing process. In this state of mind, the body is relaxed, in optimum health and full of energy and vitality.

Once the baby is born, follow up sessions are highly recommended, as the gentle approach of CST is ideal during this sensitive and emotional time.

After a difficult birth babies can present signs of stress, which of course will translate onto their mum’s sense of ease and wellness. In these cases the healing journey during sessions would be a three person process: mum, baby and therapist. Healing takes place at a soft and nurturing pace, letting mums and babies come back to a state of ease, stillness, rediscovering the original nurturing healthy relationship between the baby and its mum.

By Alfredo Hunter

Alfredo Hunter works at Shine, Newington Green on Fridays 10 – 3pm for mothers and babies.