Embracing simplicity

A new and refreshing approach to a New Year

What’s with the urge we get every new year to set resolutions and to be thrilled and ready for it? Valina, Shine's Life Coach asks.

I'm not sure about you, but I got a crazy rush of anxiety after several sleepless nights at the start of January. Usually, I feel very excited about the New Year. It's a natural opportunity to try things differently and make creative plans. It’s also a chance to change whatever didn't work in the last one and start afresh.

January felt like an extension of 2023 rather than a new year.

SH Health youre not lostSpeaking to clients, friends and colleagues, most experienced an extra challenging 2023. It pushed many of us to our personal cliff edge. At some point, we all felt beaten and exhausted, with little to no patience.
My expectation for 2024 was to feel instantly motivated, energetic, and eager to do things.
To my disappointment, it was the opposite. I felt demotivated, sluggish, and disheartened that I wasn't my usual excited New Year-ready self.
Can you relate?
Instead of judging ourselves and joining the self-pity party, I want to show you a different approach to starting the new year.

A new era of opting out of doomed New Year’s resolutions

Have you seen all the articles about shelving New Year's resolutions and going with the flow?SH Health woman meditate
Why do you think it’s happening?
Is it because the overachieving, ambitious, and always "ready-for-action" attitude is outdated?
Is it because of a growing cultural shift towards mindfulness and self-compassion?
I believe it’s both.
These articles encourage you to be more flexible. To not beat yourself up if you don't stick to strict goals and yearly plans.
The era of overachieving is over. There are more important values in life than complex multitasking and overworking.

Shake things up this year and become whoever you want - on your terms

SH Health life is beautifulIt’s imperative not to just follow what society's norms dictate. The old rules of what leads towards success, change, and growth no longer apply.
The new habits are about more than achieving things. They are about caring for your wellbeing and mental and emotional health. Listening to your inner voice and body and addressing where you are at this moment.
The alternative way is to start the year with a positive and balanced mindset. It's about ditching the stress that comes with self-criticism, over-performance and unrealistic goals.

How to embrace the natural pace of the seasons

A New Year is indeed a white canvas ready to be painted. But this shouldn't put the stress on anyone to go full speed ahead in the first month.
In fact, the Northern Hemisphere has cold and wet winters. Instead of pushing back against the chilly and damp weather, find comfort in snuggling up and embracing the slower vibe winter brings.
 Going with the flow of the seasons rather than fighting against the natural rhythm is a way of starting the year with ease. March is an ideal month to start to cultivate new habits and practices. As nature slowly comes back to life, so do we.

Simplicity and balance are healthier ways to cultivate personal growth.

SH Health magicWhen you aim for simplicity, you release unnecessary stress and complexities from your life. This allows you to focus on what truly matters.
By cultivating balance, you bring harmony to your daily tasks. You create a solid foundation to nurture your personal and professional growth.
A life built on those fundamental values grows resilience, mindfulness, and a sense of purpose. It empowers you to manoeuvre challenges with grace and authenticity.
My mission as a hypnotherapist and transformational coach is to help you move towards this path of simplicity and balance.

"I am not what happened to me; I am what I choose to become."
Carl Gustav Jung

SH Health PauseSometimes, it feels like things in life are happening to us. It creates dissatisfaction, and we lose our sense of purpose. This can quickly lead to a negative spiral.
But what if we can change this perspective to a more uplifting one?
Life can happen for you if you genuinely desire to work with your thoughts. Face whatever holds you back head-on and free yourself from hardwired old limiting beliefs.
Embrace the idea that each day is an opportunity for growth, whether you have a good or bad day.
New Year's resolutions fade. A consistent dedication to self-care and balance stands the test of time.

RTT & Transformational Coaching - Unbecoming Programme

SH Valina newMy 5-week Signature programme is a highly personalised combination of hypnotherapy and coaching. You tackle your deep-seated emotions and limiting beliefs that sabotage your success.

Changing how you view yourself can change how you experience your entire life. This isn't just a program. It is a commitment to yourself. A transformative, freeing experience that will empower you to unlock your true potential.

Here is your exciting life-changing moment of choice:

SH Health Life CrossroadsWill you continue the cycle of resolutions, or will you choose a path that brings more lasting change?
I invite you to reflect on how you wish to approach this year and every New Year.
Life is beautiful, and you deserve to live it with purpose, joy, and balance.
Let's make this year proof of your strength and commitment to creating a life that you genuinely love.

Now, go and create some magic!

Bonus tip: A weekly ritual for the New Year to nurture gratitude

This is an exercise of weekly celebration and gratitude. It’s inspired by podcaster, author, and life coach Jay Shetty.

1. At the end of every week, write a note to yourself.
From the week just passed, write down something you were proud of, an act of pure kindness or a mini achievement. It could be that you made it to the Pilates class or posted to your Instagram feed 3 times.
It could be anything, small or large, you wish to remember from this week that makes you feel amazing.

SH Health memories2. Fold your note and place it in a jar. Set a reminder on your phone to maintain this little, precious habit at the end of every week.
This will become your “got-to-experience” ritual. It aims to lift you up and celebrate the end of every passing week.

3. Open your jar on the 30th or 31st of December.

Starting in March, you will find 43 notes of your memorable experiences.
Read them silently or out loud. Fill your heart with joy, happiness and, most importantly, gratitude for the extraordinary moments of your year!

Are you ready to commit to yourself and create the life you want?

Email Valina now and take action towards your dream life.


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