Valina Stavropoulou

Life and Leadership Coaching with Valina at Shine, Church Street.

Valina is a professionally certified Life & Leadership coach. In her sessions, Valina empowers you to find your unique potential and utilise it, so that you can accomplish your goals and enjoy the life you dream of. She helps to bring clarity to problems, by identifying and tackling daily challenges, beliefs and fears that block you from enjoying a life full of potential, love, happiness, and balance.

Valina is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). She qualified as a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, in October 2017. She attended one of the largest ICF-accredited coach training schools, iPEC. She has also a BSc in Economics (NKUA), an MA in Human Resource Management (Middlesex University), and is specialised in Talent Management.        Life Coaching

Initially a 15-20mins complimentary session is offered, to get answers to any question you might have, get to know each other and see if we can work together.

Dream Package:
One 90 minutes session – £90 (full payment must be made in advance).

Believe Package:
Six 60 minutes sessions – £450 (you can pay in 2/3 installments).

Live Package:
Twelve 60 minutes sessions – £780 (you can pay in 2/3 installments) (*save £120).

Please note:
You can choose the frequency of your coaching sessions. However, it is better to take sessions every other week, or take at least 2 sessions monthly. Sessions will take place mainly over the phone, although they can be via video call or face to face if requested.

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110 reviews with an average rating of 5.0
Salon Review
Sajid Ahamed, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
Coach Valina, you are a high-power coach. My experience with you was simply transformational. Every session I had with you, helped me to uncover my hidden potentials and reach new heights in my life. You helped me to resolve some serious crisis with my partners and we became a team from just business partners. You helped with my relationship and filled it with passion. You held my hands and made me walk through barriers I imagined, and I was able to take the best decision yet in my career. Thank you, Coach, you are a real magician with your empowering questions and intuition.
Salon Review
Gerda, London, United Kingdom
Being a person who nearly believes in paranormal but always found coaching a somewhat unreliable, manipulative type of a treatment, I could not imagine trying myself, I had to swallow my words when I met Valina. I witnessed her achieving the goal to become a life coach; not only was I inspired by her journey and the hard work she put into it, but also, I was given a wonderful opportunity to participate in a few sessions myself. And how happy and thankful I am it happened! After our very first session, we both saw and felt quite an immense change, it was transformative; I was feeling much better mentally, even physically. Being able to open up without feeling embarrassed or misjudged, feeling so comfortable and comforted is a main key to find, face and start dealing with the issues which were weighing my shoulders down for years. The calm, pressure-free yet empowering approach and techniques Valina uses, help me up to this day and will do in the foreseeable future.
Salon Review
Sophie, Sweden
Valina gently but assertively guided me from feeling stuck and limited, to reaching for my dream in a very short space of time. She gave me practical goals to get me there and a no judgment, level of support with a very complicated family dynamic. She taught me to break out of my negativity bias and to ask for what i truly want. I thought I had to quit the job to reach the dream and it turned out that I could have both. I now write this sitting in the Swedish countryside, having cultivated the work / life / creative balance I have always yearned for.
Salon Review
Natalie, Edinburgh, Scotland
Valina is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. We connected immediately. What is special about her is that you can completely trust that she is fully present with you every time she coaches you. It is a joy to speak to a coach who has her degree of presence and intuition. She was able to see through the story I was telling her, by recognising and challenging my underlying blocks/fears, and was able to reconnect me with my passion. On many occasions she has been able to reconnect me to my values and focus my scattered mind to what actually matters. I have complete trust in her investment in me and my growth, and in her confidentiality. This means that I feel safe exploring the parts of myself that are difficult to explore alone under her guidance. She never fails is direct me to new insights about myself and my life, which inevitably lead to a feeling of growth and progress and joy. Thank you Valina
Salon Review
Sanita, London, United Kingdom
Valina is one of those people, who come into your life like a blessing. Valina is my life guide and I would call even one of my life angels who I can fully trust. Working with Valina has improved my relationship with myself and others. She is a very attentive listener, and, in her sessions, I can feel how much she loves and is passionate for what she does. After our sessions, I always feel grounded and see things more clearly. I feel nurtured by Valina. She is a highly skilled, caring and loving person/ life coach. I couldn't recommend Valina, highly enough. Thank you!

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