Concussion is caused by a knock or bang to the head. Common mild symptoms can include dizziness, delayed response to questions and confusion. If this lasts for longer than an hour or also includes vomiting, losing consciousness, nausea, slurred speech and irritability, then this could indicate a more serious underlying issue.

Seek medical advice by going to A&E if serious symptoms occur.

After recovering from concussion, especially if you have also suffered whiplash, you can consider having very gentle treatments to help get relief from tight muscles around the neck and head. Your upper body may have stiffened as a result of shock. Once you are fully recovered from the dizziness and nausea from Concussion and you have been given the all clear from you Dr, it may help to get some form of gentle muscular relief for the upper body in the form of a holistic treatment.

At home, having baths, using Tiger balm or a hot water bottle are also simple ways to relax you.

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