How Shiatsu can help

Aruna Khatri, resident Shiatsu Practitioner at Shine, talks us through the benefits of Shiatsu and some incredible outcomes for challenging conditions.

The advantages of having Shiatsu treatments are many. It helps all physical conditions and this simultaneously affects the emotional and mental bodies too. Shiatsu channels our vital energy through the energy meridians to relieve ailments and encourage the body's natural defences. It improves the immune system which facilitates the self-healing process of our body. The therapeutic effects of shiatsu are reflected in an improvement in mood, energy level and physical condition.

People often feel deeply relaxed during the treatment, in a way that is hard to explain. So many different factors make something happen. Shiatsu invites an energetic permission that’s been granted. It’s a witness to everything that you hold and reassures you that it’s all okay now. This is first and foremost, because of the power of touch and trust. You can surrender yourself totally in a Shiatsu session. 

The profound feeling people experience is due to tension being released from the organs, the deepest part, and this has most likely never happened before in this manner. This tension release affects the organs, fascia, soft tissue, muscles, and bones as the whole meridian is worked; as well as the appropriate acupressure points along it. This creates space for all bodily functions to operate at their optimum best. Organs have the space to pulse in their natural rhythm. Blood and body fluids flow better resulting in the efficient release of toxins to be transported away and oxygen delivered, unhindered, to the vital organs.  

SH Health woman flyThis tension release often makes people feel like all their troubles and worries have faded into the background, momentarily, just to enjoy the new sensation of surrender. Clients often comment after a session that they feel different, taller, relieved or renewed. In my experience, clients that actively participate in their health fare better. Those that are keen to take on the suggested recommendations and pay attention to their self-chatter, have a better chance of desired long-term outcomes.

Shiatsu has helped physical conditions, as well as mental and emotional conditions. All of which can affect the body simultaneously, even if someone is unaware of there being a multifaceted component to what they are presenting.

 I have had many clients with frozen shoulders that have released very well. Clients with sciatica fare well, especially if it has not been a long-standing issue. I’ve worked with stroke victims who have greatly benefitted. I had a male client that had blood in his semen. He had all the tests and tinctures, specialists had said they couldn’t help. He tried many alternative therapies and gave up. Thereafter, he came across my website and decided to try Shiatsu. After 4 weekly treatments, he claimed that there was no longer blood in his semen. 

A client that was in a 12-year relationship was actively trying to get pregnant. She had many rounds of IVF treatments. I had a profound experience with her as her womb spun like a Catherine wheel during her treatment. Her womb was relieved to be able to finally unwind the tension. My felt experience of the ‘Catherine wheel’ was that of tightly coiled fascia, wrapped around the womb, like a highly stretched rubber band that coiled into itself. This makes the area affected completely immobile, frozen.  My hands on her lower back and lower abdomen, gave her permission to uncoil. I had opened the relevant meridians to facilitate this work beforehand. I worked on the deeper reservoirs of energy. This is mainly the Girdle, Governing and Conception vessels. 

 I was sure she would become pregnant now. As anticipated, she texted to say she had some good news that she would share in person. I was dumbstruck when she announced she had got engaged! However, sure enough, 2 weeks later she was pregnant. Now I understood what my teacher meant when she would declare, ‘Maybe something else needs to happen first’. In conclusion, the womb unwinding somehow managed to change the dynamics in their relationship for them to secure it, thus enabling my client to trust that it would be safe to become pregnant. How mysteriously miraculous! This is the wonder of Shiatsu.

SH Health ArunaShiatsu has helped me to understand my body and the world around me in a way thats quite remarkable. Shiatsu comes from Japan. I’m practising it here in London. I would describe it as a marriage between the East and West. Its a very happy and harmonious relationship!

Aruna Khatri.

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