Lockdown support and Coronavirus information

SH online self care

Whilst we all need to stay home to stay safe, we want you to know that there are many ways that you can get support, information and inspiration from the Practitioners at Shine.  From remote consultations for Nutrition, Counselling, Osteopathy, Homeopathy and Life Coaching, to in-depth articles on treating Covid, ways to help boost your immune system from home and eating in ways to lift out from depression. We have a wealth of knowledge here for you.

Plus if you want to know more, feel free to contact the Practitioners directly, by clicking their email links on their profile pages. We are here for you and until we can treat you in person again, we will do whatever we can to support you through this trying time.

Some Acupuncturists and Osteopaths are treating in other areas during lockdown. Contact them directly to find out more.

Breathing patterns and Long Covid

After a pandemic break Butyeko is coming back to Shine, Church Street...


Shine Practitioner Marian Fixler has gathered together some simple self-help tips to help manage those uncomfortable feelings of anxiety.

My Journey with Long Covid and my Regeneration Diet

Expert Nutritionist, Michelle McKenzie, takes us on the journey of her experience with Long Covid and how she got through it...

How to relax and thrive post Covid 19

A wonderful invitation to reassess, plus a daily meditation practice to slow down regularly, by resident Alexander Practitioner, Sarah Warman Where do we go from here? How much better would your life feel if every single thing you did and each decision you made, came from a place of deep self-care and nurturing, and contributed to building a sustainable nourishing life for yourself and all those around you? What difference would that make? And how would your life be different? Well it can be...

Ask your Osteopath: Top tips for a healthy back

Andrew Doody, Resident Shine N16 Osteopath, was asked to answer patients' most common questions about working from home and the perils of bad posture...

Covid-19 Care: post-covid, long covid and prevention

I would like to share some links and guidelines for self-care to cover possible circumstances that we may currently find ourselves in: For those of us who may have already contracted covid-19 and recovered, we may still be left with a sense of anxiety on how best to navigate the ‘new normal’. For those of us that have become one of the increasingly significant number of people experiencing ‘long-covid’ also described as ‘long haulers’, who have found that they are not recovering in the expected timeframe, but continue to have symptoms on and off, for months afterwards (1,2) and need support.

Acupuncture for post Covid treatment

Many of these Covid symptoms relate to the Lung meridian, as this is predominantly a respiratory related virus. However, other symptoms such as muscle aches and in particular brain fog, nausea etc relate more to the Spleen & Stomach meridians and can be indications of lingering pathogens in the body such as dampness. In one case, soon after treatment, the patient experienced enormous amounts of mucus coming out for the first time, leading to a massive clear out and easing of all her symptoms for the first time in months.

How can nutrition help those with depression?

Considerations on the link between inflammation and depression...

EFT – a powerful tool to manage stress and overload and physical conditions including pain.

Marian Fixler, resident Acupuncturist and EFT Practitioner, Shine, Church Street, explains how Emotional Freedom Technique can help ease anxiety and stress...

Working from home? Top tips for a healthy back and good working posture

As many of you are now working from home, I thought it might be worth going through a few pointers about how to do this healthily...

Corona health advice from our Naturopath, Lloyd Gee

How best to protect yourself, build a strong immune system and what you can do at home to manage the symptoms of the Corona Virus.

Covid-19 Stay Mentally and Emotionally Healthy.

If you are in isolation: remember that uncomfortable emotions can arise when spending a lot of time alone, this is normal. You might feel lonely, frustrated, angry, scared, fearful or anxious. Try to keep your mind distracted and use technology to connect with your loved ones. If you are ill: again, monitor what you are thinking to ensure your thoughts are being realistic, don’t let the mind ride a wave of fear and ensure you keep connected to people.