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Have you ever wondered why is it so difficult to stop smoking?

The addiction to tobacco is challenging to break for many different reasons that quite often go beyond physical dependency.

However, did you know (and this may surprise you) that the process of freeing your body from nicotinecan be as short as 4 days? If you were a 20 year long chain smoker it can take up to three weeks.

So if the physical addiction is not the hardest part to quit, then why issh_health stress it such a struggle to quit the nasty habit?

Well, there it is….”the habit”! When it comes to addictions your thoughts and emotions play a very large role in ensuring your actions and habits are perpetuated to keep you ‘comfortable’ in various parts of your life.

Your subconscious association between smoking, and for example; pleasure, relaxation or socialising are some of the main reasons you continue to ‘need’ cigarettes.

Hypnotherapy London Health Clinic Quit Smoking Anxiety Food issues Depression Stoke Newington N16Through the process of hypnosis, we can break those associations very quickly. This is done by challenging your thoughts around smoking, by getting you to think in a totally different and empowering way.  Hypnosis will train your brain, so the emotions and associations surrounding your habits can become your ally, rather than your enemy.

Our smoking cessation sessions are personalised to ensure we break the link between your emotions, your needs and smoking. After your first session, not only will you be unable to justify the habit of smoking any longer, but you will see and feel yourself as the non-smoker you really are.

Holistic Health Freedom Selfcare Active Exercise London Stoke Newington Clinic N16Smoking cessation is a 2 hour session and the investment is £250.

Email Lucia today to make that empowering change.

Lucia Garcia
Counsellor and Hypnotherapist

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