Fabiana Matos

Fabiana is a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, specialised in menopause and hormonal imbalances.  

Fabiana was trained on the Functional Medicine foundations, a paradigm which supports a patient centred approach and focus on finding the root causes of symptoms. Along with nutrition science and lifestyle interventions, Fabiana assembles your unique health blueprint, which will guide your personal journey back to feeling great again, and empower you to regain control of health.

Fabiana is a member of BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine) and registered with CNHC (Complementary and Natural Health Care Council). She undertakes several hours of continuous professional development trainings per year and keeps up to date with emerging scientific advances on her field.

Fabiana also is the founder of Nutritional Healing Kitchen, offering healthy eating workshops, talks and consultancy to corporate and private clients, as well as developing tasty and quick recipes catering for specific needs and busy clients.

The interest in nutrition developed after years of struggle with lack of sleep, fatigue and other hormone issues which eventually led to depression, affecting her professional and personal life to a breaking point. Through intense research Fabiana discovered Functional Medicine and became fascinated with the science of nutrition and its complex role in our bodies and minds. Fabiana went back to college and changed her busy corporate life to become a Nutritional Therapist with the hope that she could help others to overcome ill health.

How does it work:

A thorough investigation. Nutritional therapy works by assessing all aspects of diet, lifestyle and systems in the body in order to get to the root causes of the problem.

  •   Prior to our consultation you will complete a questionnaire about your health and your family’s  health history and lifestyle, and a 3-day food diary.
  •  During the consultation, 60 minutes, Fabiana will delve into the questionnaire, listen to your concerns, limitations and expectations.
  •  Then you will work together to formulate a bespoke strategy to meet your needs and lifestyle, with tools to support you along the way, including coaching and reassessment.


Note: As the therapy is personalised this may vary. Functional tests and supplements may be recommended, if necessary, which will be at an extra cost. See available plans below

“A lifestyle transformation is about the journey, not the destination. From simple changes, to big, intimidating challenges, to encouraging and exciting results. Every individual has the capability to look internally and identify what may be hindering their progress, each individual will face different challenges, but we are all capable. My hope is that I can assist in empowering you through this journey.” Fabiana Matos

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Choose your plan with our Resident Nutritionist at Shine, Church Street:

1 off consultation and follow up session – £200

60 minutes consultation followed by a personalised nutrition plan.
60 minutes follow up session within 6 weeks.

SH Health Papaya SaladEssential Wellbeing –  £290

This is a shorter programme to address the causes of symptoms and reset your hormones.

Appropriate for when symptoms are not severe and lifestyle doesn’t require major changes.
60 minutes consultation followed by a personalised nutrition plan.
Coaching session – setting your goals.
Progress review call.
60 minutes follow up session including a long-term strategy plan.

Reset Programme – 3 months – £630

SH Health Smiling man

Suitable for a client with severe symptoms. This lengthier programme allows enough time for functional tests analysis, as well as supplements efficacy to be assessed.

Coaching, planning and adjustments are more personalised. And we also work together on a long-term sustainable plan.

In depth assessment of symptoms and current health state.
Coaching session – setting your goals.
Coaching session – making changes.
Functional tests interpretation.
Monthly follow up.
Weekly review emails.
Recipes, shopping list.
Long-term strategy plan.

SH Health Jump Sea

Reset Programme – 6 months – £1100

Suitable for a client with severe hormonal symptoms and other health issues.

Includes all the benefits of the 3 months programme



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