Weight loss through hypnosis

Hypnosis offers a different approach to weight loss.

We firstly focus on gently helping you change your beliefs and thoughts on how you relate and think of yourself. Through a personalised approach over four sessions, we will explore what the psychological barriers are, that may be preventing you from succeeding in weight loss. 

These bespoke sessions work on creating a strong foundation of individual worth and the release of other emotional blocks.

We will work on empowering your personal will and strength, focusing on your own sense of connection with your body and looking at your self-image during this process.  You will receive the tools to deal with those moments of stress, where in which your emotions may be stronger than your will power.

If you need to lose a lot of weight, we will finalise the process with a Hypno-virtual Gastric Band, this will create the same effects of having a gastric band implanted in your stomach without the secondary effects of having an operation.

Hypno-virtual Gastric Band: A course taken over 4 sessions

Session 1: Induction + The Mindset transformation + The Choices Change
Session 2: The Big Mind Op Preparation + The Future Food Relationship
Session 3: The Big Mind Op + The Body Movement Motivator
Session 4: The Mind Op Adjustment + The Transformation

The sessions should not be too spaced out so it would be ideal if for weight loss only, to do two sessions per week. The whole package is £400. Each session is one hour long.

Your mind set about food and about yourself will change, giving you a renewed sense of self and body.

Lucia Garcia
Counsellor and Hypnotherapist