Myofascial Release

Muscles, bones and soft tissues are held together by a big web of connective tissue called fascia. Fascia can get stiff and dehydrated, but through MFR techniques, these layers are warmed, melted, stretched and released. Techniques derived from Rolfing (developed by Ida Rolf to improve structural balance), myofascial stretching and skin rolling may loosen up tense muscles and improve the circulation of fluid and movement.

Trauma, and repetitive movements and positioning – such as lifting or sitting all day – can form restrictions in this system, which may result in pain and immobilisation. Commonly sought for back and neck pain, muscular tension, whiplash, sports and repetitive strain injuries.

Essentially clients can feel as if they are being stretched in the most profound way, in a way that they have never felt before but that they have always needed to be stretched. MFR is akin to massage in the respect of feeling opened up, elongated and brought back to a great sense of well being within the body.

Since MFR is very much a mind-body technique, clients often also report a general improvement in their psychological and emotional well being after treatment.


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60mins £65
90mins £90-£95


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