Preparing for our first photo shoot.


Next Month we will be unveiling



Shine’s Hair Photo Shoot Feb’16

This photo shoot will be the first of many, for this project we wanted to proudly showcase & support the skills of our lesser known team members. That means we’re using Stylists & Seniors stylists. The photo shoot will consist of 4 models, their hair ranging from light to dark. These 4 models will be worked on by 8 stylists, 2 stylists per model, 1 to do the colour, the other to do the cut & styling. They’ll also lovingly have their make up & nails done by some of our beauty team. We thought, while we are busy preparing behind the scenes, we’d show you the faces behind this upcoming project.


The Stylist’s & Models



                        Rita Petini                                                            Lilias Adair                                               Vincenzo D’ Amore


Rita & Vincenzo two of our talented stylists based at Shine, Newington Green. Rita quickly went from Junior to Stylist and now to Senior Stylist, as Shine recognised her rapid growth & talent in the hair industry will be doing the colour. Vincenzo is a wonderful perfectionist, especially when it comes to cutting hair, which he will be doing for the photo shoot. They’ll be working together on Lilias, a gorgeous 22 year old with beautiful (& natural we may add!!) strawberry blonde hair. Working with what she has, to create something a little different. Watch this space…


Rima copyAna copySarah leaved edited zoomed

                        Rima Yassine                                                   Ana Mari                                             Sarah Reingruber


Rima & Sarah both started at Shine as Juniors. After a few years of further training, plus a lot of hard work, they have recently graduated as Stylists. They are both based at Shine Church Street, hard to believe these two are so early on, in what will be prosperous careers, when you see their fabulous skills. They will be working on our model Ana who is currently visiting London from Germany. Rima will do the colour, adding a bit more warmth and texture to her mousy tones & Sarah will do the cut and style.


SH_Salon_MartasfaceSanitaJessica diff zoom

                       Marta Cremades                                               Sanita Jonane                                                 Jessica Elvin


Marta a Senior Stylist, is one of our newest recruits. She brought a loyal following with her when she joined Shine last year. Marta will be doing a rather drastic colour change on Sanita to make her a bright copper, while Jessica will do the cut. Jessica, like Rima & Sarah above, has worked at Shine since she was a Junior. During this time she’s developed her skills, to become an exciting young stylist. These two stylist’s are based at Shine, Newington Green, and will be joining forces to create a
look on the stunning Sanita who is one of our very own receptionists.


Joanna leaves editedLizzie zoomed copySH_Salon_Isabeled

                       Joanna Le                                                          Lizzie Hunt                                                      Isabel Oliva


Joanna has worked at Shine, Church Street for many years, we, as well as her regular customers are super thankful that she’s recently returned from maternity leave. Joanna will be creating Lizzie’s new colour, accentuating the lovely brunette into a brown with a hint of mauve and our talented Isabel will do the cut. Isabel is a Spanish Senior Stylist at Shine, Church Street who only joined us mid-June last year, but has fitted perfectly into the Shine family. She is well known for working with more unusual cuts and colours. They will be working together on Lizzie’s hair, another Stokey local girl.


The Beautician’s


Preparing for our first photo shoot.SH_Beauty_Francesca

            Flavia Concetti                                                      Francesca

Flavia & Zivile two of our youngest and brilliant beauticians, will both be finishing off all our models’ looks with wonderful shellac manicures. Then, the final piece to the photo shoot puzzle, will be Francesca, the newest member to our beauty department. For this photo shoot she will be offering her skills as a make up artists with help from Rita, our stylist who is also doing Lilias’ Colour.



The Stylist & Photographer


charlotte on locationchar blog pic squareSH_Salon_charonlocation

Charlotte Mumford who recently graduated from a Fashion Photography BA Hons degree, will be multitasking for us on this project by delivering the styling & being the photographer. After graduating, she joined the Shine team for short time as a receptionist. Sad to see her go, we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to use her great talents on this shoot.


As you can see our Shine team is bursting with talent and we can’t wait to show you our final images, as well as behind the scenes, in our next months blog!!