June Promotions


Aromatherapy for Men In honour of Father’s Day and Men’s health week, Georgie is concentrating her  Aromatherapy skills on treatments for men this month. To find out all of the benefits of Aromatherapy for Men’s health, see her article. Georgie is offering £10 off Aromatherapy for Men June Promotion 60mins = £55 (usually £65)   […]

June News


Francesca is back!! Great news, we have Francesca rejoining the Shine team after her big adventure. We have missed her and are delighted to welcome her back. For fantastic treatment, great attention to detail and tailor made skin advice, she is your go to Beautician.            

Sun Protection for all ages


Childhood is the time during which exposure to UV radiation is more likely to lead to skin damage, eye damage, immune system suppression and skin cancer.   I remember going to the beach pretty much every day in the summer with my brother, sunbathing for a good 5-6 hours a day under the sizzling sun […]

Healthy Men: What’s the point?

sh_health man + jar

As a human being and a male, I am given from time to time to consider various eternal questions. Why are we here? What is the point of existence? Which Stoke Newington Church street establishment has the best coffee and cake? Etcetera etcetera.         All of the above are potentially vexing avenues […]

Naturopathic Approaches to Men’s Health

sh_health basil

I still see more women than men in my practice, but I am finding that more men are now seeking help with their health. However, there is still a tendency for men to ignore health issues, which in some cases means that they become more difficult to treat.         Preventable Disease Many […]

Aromatherapy for Men

sh_health man on a hill

Many often think of aromatherapy as being a girlie floral thing. And yet men have played key roles in ‘aroma’ long before it became a ‘therapy’.   The ancient Egyptians used plant oils and perfumes constantly for their effects on both men and women, and for offerings to the gods. Indian and Chinese cultures have […]

May News

sh_Ilaria 5

We welcome back Ilaria! After a few years of exploring other avenues, including motherhood, Ilaria has come back to the Shine family. Trained as an Ayurvedic and panchakarma therapist in Kerala, India in 2009, Ilaria practices traditional Ayurvedic treatments and also a fusion of Western and eastern techniques and can deliver a strong massage but […]

May Promotions


Mindfullness Massage with Florentina Lam Clark Have you ever found it hard to let go of your racing mind, even when having a massage? Well you are in luck! Having taught meditation for many years now, Florentina has combined mindfullness with massage, to transport you to a higher plane of calm in mind whilst treating […]

Making Changes To Achieve the Goal

sh_health wheelchair

  Anne is married to Dave who was diagnosed with MND (Motor Neurone Disease) 10 years ago. MND, leads to weakness and wasting of muscles, causing increasing loss of mobility in the limbs, and difficulties with speech, swallowing and breathing. Since then, it has been Anne’s goal to ensure that Dave lives the best quality […]

Mindfulness Matters


How are you? How are you doing today? This is a question we get asked most often. Perhaps the habitual inclination is to reply, “Not bad” or “fine thanks”. Pause for a few moments. Just take your attention inward and check in with your awareness. Start to scan your body.       Perhaps you […]

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