Coping with sensitivities and the crashing body.

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I may have tempted fate, because as soon as I said “my skin hasn’t looked this flawless in a long time” and that “it’s been ages since I was sick”, it all went down hill from there. The combination of having a difficult week at work, battling a mini mid life crisis and not having […]

April Promotions

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Emotional Freedom Technique A teachable technique of self tapping to specific parts of the hands and body, to help improve emotional well being, relieve fears, manage stress and let go of phobias. To find out more about the power of this tool and how it can be applied, see Marian’s article. Marian Fixler is offering […]

Hay Fever Clinic

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    Aurora offers a 45 minutes consultation to ascertain your present symptoms in order to prescribe the most indicated remedy/remedies. Also included is a comprehensive information pack which gives further information on how to use homeopathic remedies for hay fever effectively in the future. Consultation fee is £45 and includes remedies and one telephone […]

Mastectomy and Massage

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  In my last blog I touched on the benefit of massage and how it had helped to calm and support me during the first 10 weeks leading up to surgery. Forever, I have been an advocate of complementary health care, for some, it is hard to believe or to prove it’s benefits or efficacy. […]

Tapping our way back to Health

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  For years, when I referred to ‘tap tap’ it was my shorthand for a very gentle style of Japanese pediatric acupuncture called Shonishin – which involves applying very light stimulation using silver acupuncture tools to the developing meridians in children with the aim of balancing their energetic system and enabling the body to regain […]

Be part of a Back Pain Study.

Marian Fixler

I have been invited by researchers at the University of Southampton to take part in a Back pain study looking at all the factors involved in an acupuncture treatment that might be contributing to a person’s improvement in their back pain symptoms.         The study involves having a course of treatment as would occur […]

March News

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We welcome Justin to the team!   Justin has been a trained Craniosacral Therapist for 20 years. More recently he qualified as an Osteopath and is also trained in Sports Massage. The combination of these skills means that Justin is able to give a focused, client based treatment that is both extremely practical, whilst also […]

March Promotions


Buteyko with Kathryn Godfrey   Buteyko is a breathing method that helps people of all ages to regain a sense of ease and balance with their breath, be it because they suffer with asthma, anxiety or emphesema. Through a course of treatments exercises are learned and fairly quickly the method becomes second nature, so that […]

Spotting overwhelm


I only realize that I need to stop when my body hits an absolute wall. The red flags of frustration, anxiety, unmanageability and irritability just do not seem to register as much as my body giving up on wanting to function.   I have a wonderful busy life, juggling clinic management and massage treatments. I […]

Top 5 actions for well being


As an osteopath, people come to me with a broad range of musculoskeletal complaints. What we can do, in the brief time of the consultation can be powerful and is often enough to be the catalyst to trigger the individual’s healing process and the body’s equilibrium. However an important part of this process is often […]

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