Express Massage Treatments

Massage Treatments for Upper or Lower Body work at Shine, N16.

Ideal for those of you who are in a hurry, but still want to feel nurtured or get some muscle tension relief.

If you’re in a rush or just find that laying down for an hour or 90mins is not your idea of heaven (why on earth not..?) we can offer you shorter, focused treatments. In 30 or 45mins you can have a relaxing or invigorating treatment, depending upon your needs. Whether it be a kink in your neck, a stiff lower back, or tired legs, our professional team can give you a tailor made treatment to help you feel more at ease.
People tend to want to have a shorter Upper Body Massage, which simply refers to concentrating a massage on the upper body only and this is how you would be booked in. For lower body leg treatments, see Beth’s treatment below, or simply book for the 30/45min upper body treatment and then ask them to change focus.

The Massage Practitioners shown below are available to do this for 30minutes or 45minutes for the same price as Indian Head Massage.

Please note, all Massage times include consultation and dressing.

Also, if you are Pregnant you must book a Pregnancy Massage instead, as not all of our Massage Practitioners are qualified Pregnancy Practitioners.