Which Massage Is Right For Me?

Choosing The Right Massage For You at Shine Health & Beauty Salons in Stoke Newington and Newington Green

With so many glorious options, choosing the right massage can feel overwhelming, read on or just give us a call to speak to our Reception Team.  For more detailed advice, ask for our Clinic Manager, Sophie McNicholas. Contact Shine Newington Green on 020 7241 2065 or Shine Church Street on 020 7241 5033.

All of our Practitioners are qualified in Holistic Massage, formerly known as Swedish Massage. Holistic refers to Mind, Body and Soul. Our massage therapists are full time therapists and are multidisciplinary, meaning they are qualified in a number of different trainings and styles and can create a massage suited to your needs. Each practitioner is unique and chosen by us personally.

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Do You Like Deep Pressure Massage?

You need to be able to trust your therapist to receive firm pressure but when you do, the benefits can far outweigh the momentary pain. Most Holistic Practitioners are also trained in Deep Tissue massage, they can implement these techniques in with a Holistic Massage or vice versa. The main difference is the level of pressure.

Sports Massage, can also focus much more on a specific area, issue or injury.  You do not have to be an athlete to have a Sports Massage. Techniques used in sports massage aim to concentrate on specific conditions, injuries, or levels of tension that are giving you discomfort. It is a direct and focused approach using the practical, health benefits of massage.

Tui Na massage is a site specific deep tissue treatment based upon Traditional Chinese practises and is performed solely by Milan, who is also an impeccable Acupuncturist. Tui Na is very powerful and can be quite rigorous. For treatment on a specific area of tension and for a no frills, focused work on tension, this would be the go to treatment.

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Do You Just Want To Relax?

If it is pure indulgence or a Spa like sensation you wish to experience within your massage, we would recommend Dr Hauschka Body Treatment, Aromatherapy or a Thermal Deep Tissue massage. Dr Hauschka products aim to work not only on your body and mind but also your skin, leaving your skin feeling nourished, whilst the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy oils can help you to drift away. Thermal Deep Tissue is our special version of Hot Stone Massage and is a sublimely enjoyable experience, the heat from the stones penetrate deeply into your muscles without the use of heavy pressure. Aromatherapy is like getting a prescription for your senses. After a brief consultation, you therapist will know the right blend to suit your needs, energy levels and mood.

Now we also have the new Hydrotherm Massage available. Picture laying on your back on a heated water bed. The heat allows you to sink into the couch, easing your muscles, whilst your practitioner can work from underneath and on top of you. There is no need for you to swap positions or to move a muscle. Your practitioner lifts and moves you to massage in a 360degree way, which is not only incredibly relaxing but also really effective for treating tired legs, hip problems and back ache.

    Need A Short Term Quick Fix?

    Indian Head/Upper Body are for people that have a short amount of time and want a quick, yet productive fix. You can have a 30 minute or a 45 minute treatment at either branch every day of the week.

      Are You Pregnant? Or Just Given Birth?

      At Shine we really enjoy helping you through your pregnancy. As you prepare to give all of your time and energy to a new life, we revel in making a wonderful fuss of you. Treatments are carried out with you side lying, with cushions to support you into a comfortable position. Both sides are treated, giving great access to the hips, lower back and gluteal area, which can go through a great period of adjustment with the altering weight distribution that takes place as you progress in your pregnancy.

      For Post Natal massage, as soon as you feel comfortable to come in and lay down, you can have a treatment. Depending on how sensitive you are feeling, you can continue in the side lying position or when you feel up to it, lay on your front as you would in a Holistic treatment.

      Please note: Not all Massage Practitioners are qualified for Pregnancy Massage, or to work in the 1st trimester. You must let us know if you are pregnant and if you are in your 1st trimester when booking, to make sure you are matched up with the right Massage Practitioner.

        Non-Oil Based Body Work

        If you or a loved one has never had massage or wants to keep their clothing on, Shiatsu or Thai massage may be perfect. Both treatments are performed on a futon on the floor. For many people not worrying about your arm falling off the couch and being snuggly covered at all times can be very relaxing. The therapist moves your limbs around to work on the different muscle groups or meridians. Our style of shiatsu is fairly gentle with subtle meridian stretches and some holding positions.

        Most of our Practitioners are qualified in a number of different massage styles. When you book in with the Practitioner you want to try, they will go through with you what your priority focus is and will always shape the treatment according to your requirements. Tell them what you are looking for and you can look forward to a long and rewarding relationship!

        You can email our Practice Manager [email protected] with any queries you may have.

        Feel free to speak to our Reception Team for more information.
        Shine Newington Green – 020 7241 2065
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