Massage Holistic

Our body holds our physical and psychological experience.  Drawing on Swedish oil-based massage techniques we are encouraged to relax taut muscles, to let go and inhabit our being more comfortably. Holistic massage is gently therapeutic and leaves you feeling physically relaxed and mentally uplifted.

All our Practitioners are qualified in Holistic Massage, formerly known as Swedish Massage. You would book this treatment for times where you just need to unwind and have the sense of being put back together again.

If you have specific tensions, such as tight shoulders, you can still have more focus put at these places whilst having a holistic treatment. If you needed something that specifically dealt with a problem area and want strong pressure, we would recommend a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage treatment.


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60 mins £65
90 mins £90-95
120 mins £120-130


Shine Holistic