Reflexology and back pain

First of all, it is important to be clear on what reflexology is not: reflexology is not a foot massage.

Your reflexologist may incorporate some massage techniques into your treatment. This is simply to relax you, but the bulk of your treatment is far removed from a massage. In fact, you should feel deep pressure from your reflexologist’s hands.

Now let’s find out what reflexology is. In particular I’d like to highlight just how effective it is as a treatment for any type of back pain. When the right areas of the feet, or the hands, are treated with the right amount of pressure, the results can be truly amazing for back problems.

How can this be?

The treatment causes the nerve flow to the area of the back causing the pain to improve. Over several sessions, and often in just a few weeks, this nerve flow becomes optimized. The same thing happens to the blood and the lymph flows to the problem area of the back.

Reflexology is known to be of use for both chronic and acute back pain, but it is also good for reducing stress, which can sometimes exacerbate people’s perception of pain. Reflexology reduces stress and increases emotional well-being. This is related to back pain because it can cause stress which leads to an increase in the pain level experienced. By working on both fronts reflexology can greatly decrease the symptoms of chronic back ache.

Conditions such as sciatica and arthritis are optimally treated by having twice monthly sessions. Other treatment plans, such as for osteoporosis and herniated discs, will vary depending on the level of pain experienced and the severity of the condition.

Reflexology also increases circulation and boosts the immune system, both of which will help the healing process and speed up recovery, along with preventing recurrence of the original complaint.

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