About Us

Shine opened it’s doors in 2003 when founding owner Carla Octigan decided to combine her years in the hairdressing industry with her passion for complementary health.

Having trained as a Shiatsu practitioner, she had observed how many of her salon clients were interested in complementary health services, but that most people were confused as to where to go and more importantly, who to trust.

Combining these two skills and bringing complementary health services into the familiar, professional environment, ‘the salon’ was an obvious move.
The business was an immediate success. Cultivating the Shine ethos of “Look Good, Feel Great”, was now in full effect by combining Holistic Health with exceptional Style, to help people shine inside and out.

SH Hair Sandro NewFive years later, Carla decided to expand to Newington Green with Alessandro Conforti, who strongly believed in the vision of creating Shine’s own hair team, through personalized in-house training, taking people from Junior assistant to professional Stylist from beginning to end. The vision held, has now become the strength and success of the Salon team.

‘’ To contribute and see the growth of the younger generation of hairstylists succeeding is priceless!” Alessandro.

CH SollageShinePeople

Having celebrated Shine on the green’s 10th birthday in April 2019, we have very much taken stock and aimed to challenge our direction and celebrate our success. We have a team of about 90 people under the Shine roof. Many of our team members have been with us for over a decade. We are very much a flexible family run business in the modern use of the term.
“A chosen Family.”

We are committed to constantly improving our business, all of our lives and the place Shine holds within our communities. In 2019 we joined the “Heart of the city” as a way of guiding us through our assessment process. We have taken a close look at our business practices, partners and our team. We have put sustainability at the core of our business ethos.

To find out more see our Community and Sustainability pages.

We look forward to seeing you at Shine soon.