Shine’s Monochrome Shoot



Welcome to an exciting start to a new trend of Shine Photo Shoots for Hair. We want to encourage our team to show our clients what incredible talent they have. Shine also want to say a massive thank you to the up and coming star; Charlotte Mumford, for her gorgeous styling and photography skills.




salon_sh_march photo shoot lil 1salon_sh_march photo shoot lil 2salon_sh_march photo shoot lil 3salon_sh_march photo shoot lil 4



salon_sh_march photo shoot sanita 2salon_sh_march photo shoot sanita 1salon_sh_march photo shoot sanita 3salon_sh_march photo shoot sanita 5



salon_sh_march photo shoot ana 2salon_sh_march photo shoot ana 3salon_sh_march photo shoot ana 4salon_sh_march photo shoot ana 1



salon_sh_march photo shoot lizzie 3salon_sh_march photo shoot lizzie 4salon_sh_march photo shoot lizzie 1salon_sh_march photo shoot lizzie 2




gorup one tweek

group 4

group two tweek (1)

group 3


Behind the Scenes


Below are images from start to finish demonstrating the technical skills and hard work of the wonderful Shine team who worked on this photo shoot. Here you can see the development of colour, cut, makeup and styling carried out, giving you a little extra insight into their work.


lils colour 1lils colour 2lils colour 3
lils cut 1lils cut 2lils cut 3
Lil makeuplils hairsh_hair_lil on shoot 3


Colour – Rita; Cut- Vincenzo; Makeup – Rita;  Manicure – Flavia;Up style – Vincenzo.

Rita “I worked underneath the parting creating panels of colour randomly at the back and sides using a bright orange semi colour. Then I used a touch of pastel blue semi colour on the contour of the hairline. All applied on top of her beautiful natural strawberry blonde hair. The result was a very fashionable, modern & versatile look as it can be very visible or easily hidden, depending on where you put your parting. Natural but with a touch of secret craziness.


Sanita hair dying 6Sanita hair dying 7Sanita hair dying 8
Sanitas cut 1sanita cut 2sanita cut 4
sanitas makeup 4Sanitas hair 2sanita on shoot 2


Colour – Marta; Cut – Jessica; Makeup – Francesca; Manicure – Zivile; Up style – Jessica.

Marta “Sanita originally had light brown hair and wanted to go for the more vibrant colour of ginger. Instead of doing an all over colour, I wanted to add some more dimensions to her hair, so I used a technique of sectioning the hair into small triangular sections and twisting the individual colours into those different sections. This enabled me to bring the colour from the roots, through to the ends without any interference from the other colours.


Ana Colour 1Ana Colour 8Ana Colour 6
Anas cut 1Anas cut 5Anas cut 4
anas makeup 2anas hair 1ana shoot


Colour – Rima; Cut – Sarah; Makeup – Francesca; Manicure – Zivile; Up style – Sarah.

Rima “To create this hombre effect, I began back combing pieces of hair to give it a naturally uneven look. I then applied a lighter colour in the foils at the ends and a darker colour on the roots to give Ana a nice blended effect. This is a fun way to combine two completely different tones without needing to visit the salon every six weeks to get a touch up, making it practical too!


Lizzie col 2Lizzie col 4Lizzie col 3
Lizzie cut 1Lizzie cut 2sh_hair_lizzies colour 3
lizzies hairlizzies makeuplizzie on shoot 2


Colour – Joanna; Cut – Isabel; Makeup – Francesca; Manicure – Flavia; Up style – Alessandro.

Joanna “This client came in with hombre hair, which she had had for several years. She wanted to go for something a bit different & more natural this time; so we decided to go for an all over full head of colour. I still wanted to inject some warmth into her brown locks, which can look a bit flat as there can be such little light in the colder months. So instead of going for a simple brunette, we went for a brown that has some richer hints of purple tones, that shine warmly when the light hits it.


If you want to discover a bit more about the stylist and what the models looked like before their make over, check out last months blog ‘Preparing for our first photo shoot‘.