Muscle Strain

Muscle Strain is most common in the legs.

We have all pulled a muscle before, but what we need to do about it depends upon the severity of the strain.

Level 1 Strain is the kind that only really feels tender when you touch it. You can still weight bear, you can still continue with normal activities, but have instinctively left off of doing the sport/movement that triggered the strain. Within a few days the tenderness has resolved and you carry on as normal.

Level 2 Strain is the kind where you find it difficult to weight bare, you may have some swelling, bruising or redness on the affected area. You would need to alter your activities to a minimum, use the RICE method to deal with the pain and swelling, and as a result of the break, you would lose some strength in the affected muscle.

Level 3 Strain is the kind that produces unbearable pain. Immediate termination of activities ensues and medical attention is required. You may hear or feel a popping sound where the muscle has torn. You will be unable to weight bare.

If you find that the RICE method and slowly introducing movement at a gentle pace isn’t effective enough for you, then you may need hospital treatment. It would be advisable to visit your Dr or a Physiotherapist to seek the most appropriate support for your injury. Unless it is a severe strain, you can usually self heal with proper rest and some gentle movements. Massage can help to improve the blood circulation, giving fresh nutrients to the affected area, though this would only be applied after the acute phase of the first 24-72 hours and only if you were able to weight bare.