Sonja Vetter

For now Sonja is offering Counselling sessions remotely instead of at Shine, N16. She is looking to return to onsite sessions at Shine from June 2021.

Sonja Vetter,  an experienced and fully qualified couples’ counsellor, trained at the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships in London. Relationships can be very confusing and often it is hard to disentangle one’s feelings and emotions.  She offers relationship counselling, couples’ counselling as well as counselling for individuals who want to explore past relationships or look more closely at difficulties with new ones or forming new ones.


Relationship counselling enables greater self-awareness and deeper understanding of clients’ interaction with each other by looking to understand more about themselves. Links can be made with previous experiences and insights into patterns of behaviour are gained. Relationship counselling can create greater awareness about behaviour, feelings and choices, looking towards lasting changes and more fulfilling ways of relating.

Her clients come from all backgrounds and for a variety of different reasons. Issues and difficulties are explored in a safe, supportive and confidential setting. Areas she works with include communication difficulties, affairs, feeling stuck with patterns of behaviour, not getting on, arguments and disagreements, becoming parents and other major life events.

She undertakes regular supervision and a programme of CPD, continual  professional development.

Counselling sessions are offered weekly and last for 50 minutes. The initial session is an assessment, which gives the counsellor and the client the chance to explore and understand any issues, to explain how the process works and to explore whether one would like to work together. Sessions can be offered in English or German.

Please contact Sonja directly on 07812 166862 or