Physical and Emotional Support with Acupuncture


Marian Fixler was recommended to me by my Reflexologist to help me with my pregnancy problems. I had previously had three miscarriages over a period of five years and at the age of 41 was finding it difficult to conceive. Regular visits to Marian helped me regulate my cycle, improve my general health and rebalance my system. I also found that I was receiving more care and information about my situation than I did from general practicioners, which helped me enormously from a psychological point of view.

During that time I also lost my mother and the acupuncture helped me through the grief I was suffering of the loss of my babies and my mother. One of the biggest hurdles with fertility issues is being able to control the stress involved and while I was also receiving other medical treatments I am convinced they would not have been successful without the help of the acupuncture I received from Marian. Our beautiful baby daughter, Olivia Rose is testament to that.