Valeria’s Client

R, Age 32
I highly recommend Valeria. I found her treatment, approach and knowledge on the specific subject around fertility issues incredibly helpful. I first saw Valeria after a miscarriage and found acupuncture to be very restorative, as I was feeling very fatigued. I had subsequent treatments from Valeria at several points in my journey from further losses to preparing my body to conceive and then alleviating morning sickness. With my specific journey acupuncture really helped after miscarriages it gave my body strength and energy. After two losses I decided to be proactive and get treatment to prepare my body to conceive, the specific treatment and overall advice from Valeria was invaluable and after two cycles I became pregnant. I subsequently developed an extreme form of morning sickness (HG) and acupuncture helped to alleviate the nausea and vomiting. Apart from the HG I had a healthy pregnancy and now have a healthy happy baby boy. Fertility and pregnancy is such a personal issue, wrapped up in a lot of emotions, I found Valeria calming manner and expertise in this area such a help. I can't praise acupuncture or Valeria enough!