Embracing autumn by cultivating the art of Hygge

Yes its true, Summer is officially over. We can’t help but start thinking about the next few months, which will become colder and darker.

Slightly depressing huh? Well, it needn’t be. There are many things, which can make you feel very happy and content during this season.
How is it that Scandinavian people are amongst the happiest in the world, and yet they have such a short amount of day light during the winter and it’s absolutely freezing?

Have you ever heard of Hygge? Well…it’s not an easy term to define, as you just feel it. It’s the Danish way of enjoying life through building a great atmosphere and experience. We at Shine are so into this.

Hygge is the art of creating a certain atmosphere for the soul, feeling pleasure from our surroundings, which make us feel calmer; sharing moments of cosiness and my personal favourite, enjoying a hot drink in candle light, while my cat sits right next to me purring.

For the Norwegians, the highest goal is for everything to be Koselig, which is the feeling and experience of warm, intimacy with great company. The perfect Koselig night includes tasty food on the table, being surrounded by warm colours, good friends and at least a few candles.

Hygge and Koselig, makes me think of my lovely Norwegian friend, who always inspired me with her amazing dinners in the winter time, with perfectly dimmed lighting, the burbling of a stew and us sipping from glasses of red wine; if there was a storm outside, even better.
We just couldn’t feel any cosier. Koselig is about being present in the pleasure of life’s simplest of moments. Cliche? Perhaps, but what’s wrong with that?

The self love and care trend of “Hygge” is what will take your beauty routine to the next level this season, as it will encourage you to be good to yourself, both mentally and physically.

Hygge is beginning to influence beauty very much and is taking over autumn / winter Make Up trends too. Beauty has long been connected with the idea of wellness and treating yourself, which the idea of Hygge nurtures.

Here is how to add Hygge life into your beauty regime and personal care.

•     My first piece of advice is to be picky and don’t buy lots of stuff. Be minimal. Buy only your favourite products. Choose quality  ones to truly treat yourself. Ideally buy from sources which are strongly related to sustainability. This decision has a big impact on the community and the environment.

•     A nude barely-there make up is back this season. Pale foundations and more natural skin tones bring more attention to the eyes. Earthy eye shadow tones, warm peachy pink blush, very subtle sculpted cheekbones with a low key contour is what the Hygge make up trend is focusing on. I personally love it when it’s combined with either messy or heavily styled hair.

•     Detoxify your body and soothe your tired muscles with a good bath soak. Epsom or Himalayan salt, honey, baking soda and betonite clay are some of the ingredients that can help with that. Plus choose lavender, rose or frankincense essential oils to soothe your mind and whisk your thoughts of the day away. Why not put a facial mask on as well to make you feel properly taken care of?

•     For increasing the Hygge factor, don’t forget to add your nontoxic candles, which will add to the cozy vibe while in the bath. Also it won’t have a negative impact on your health.

Happy Hygging!!

Desi Petkova