Summer Skin Care

Do you need a skincare routine to maintain your glowing skin? Do you not have much time because the park is calling?

Oh London summer, so unpredictable, so indecisive and often moody. Yet July was a great success, so there is hope!

So, you don’t feel like spending time in a hot bath with a face mask on, but still want to look great in an instant, right?  Finding suitable skincare products does take time and a bit of trial and error too, but one should always have a good skincare routine.

That’s where we come in! The team of highly trained beauty therapists at Shine beauty salons in Stoke Newington have put together some top tips for acheiving great skin this summer.

Read our simple guide to reaching that fresh, glowing summer look below ( almost in an instant).

Six steps to great summer skin from our Shine Beauty Salons in Stoke Newington, N16

1. Double cleanse. You may say you have no time for a double cleanse,  but your skin could go on strike. With higher pollution during summer, including the extra sweat our body produces, plus adding Make up and SPF protection into the mix, your skin most likely needs a double cleanse.

Here at Shine we highly recommend Dermalogica’s PreCleanse oil to remove your make up. PreCleanse is an oil which turns into a milky cleansing fluid. It has such a luxurious feel to it! Follow that with a customized cleanser for additional clearing benefits. Do not forget to use a cleanser of your choice to wash your face in the morning too (water on its own does not do the trick).

2. Toning. Using a toner or a mist is an optional step but it helps to re balance your skin, provides it with extra hydration and can gently exfoliate too, if you choose one with skin friendly acids.

3. Eye cream. Our delicate eye area needs extra care. Choose light, gel-like eye cream for daytime use and a richer one for night (try to compensate for that half litre of water you forgot to drink during the day, to help you wake up looking refreshed).

4. Serum/oil/booster. These products are usually highly concentrated and give wonderful effects over time. Choose one depending on your skin condition (dehydration/irritation/aging/hyperpigmentation/acne). It’s like having a ginger-lemon shot to start your day (which is also a great idea!).

5. Moisturiser. Choose one depending on your skin type (dry, sensitive, combination or oily), but remember, there’s no point in splurging on fancy moisturizers if you don’t cleanse and prepare your skin well; and that includes taking care of your diet and general well being.

6. SPF. It should always be there to protect your skin and it should be good at it; don’t fall for the myths that you don’t have to wear SPF on cloudy days, or SPF15 in your foundation will do the job. A separate SPF product is the last step in your routine and should never replace a moisturizer. Only use it in the daytime.

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Does that seem like too much to commit to? Creating a suitable skincare routine takes time, but soon becomes a pleasure rather than a chore. You will start saving time and money once you find and use products that meet your skin’s needs best. Meaning you can start everyday glowing with skin confidence.

sh_beauty_face3_280Lastly, treating yourself to a customized facial (which we offer at Shine salons in Stoke Newington) every four to six weeks, helps to improve your skin condition and can prepare you for any special event. Our professional skin therapists will always give you great advice and share useful tips as well as recommended products. Targeted 30minute facials, to deal with specific issues such as blemishes or tired, dull skin, every two-three weeks, is also the perfect beauty fix for us busy bees and city dwellers.

As much as we appreciate the power of make up, real beauty starts with great skin. Finding what works for you and keeping up with your routine, will help you need less makeup and show more of your natural beauty.

Let’s just imagine that the weather this month will be fantastic! You won’t have to worry whether you should pop your umbrella in your bag or put that jacket on. We all know how weekdays can be long and hectic as you try to work, but secretly plan your night out. Weekends are usually left for festivals or getaways to the seaside, so weekday afternoons can be spent enjoying what the city has to offer. Think, Open air cinemas, rooftop terraces, secret garden parties and beautiful parks!

sanitaSo, just a bit of our so-much-raved-about tinted moisturizer, groomed eyebrows and enhanced colour on your lashes, completed with a quick manicure and you are good to go.

Enjoy summer in London feeling at your best!

Gerda Vilutyte