Homeopathy for accidents and injuries


One of the reasons I love homeopathy is the amazing effect of homeopathic remedies in first aid situations, namely in accidents and various types of injuries.

In my homeopathic practice I encounter often acute situations caused by accidents, injuries and wounds. It is one of the areas of homeopathy where the results are noticeable quickly and thus very rewarding.


Only last week a patient contacted me complaining of horrendous tooth pain. A brief description of the pain and how it started indicated that the pain may have been due to injury to the nerve of the tooth. The patient was prescribed Hypericum and within a short while they were pain free and able to wait several days for the preferred dentist appointment – without further suffering.

In homeopathy we have many remedies that can help with alleviation of pain and rapid recovery from injuries, as well as prevention of complications. For example Symphytum, Ruta, Ledum or Hypericum can help with the healing of bone fractures; remedies such as Hypericum, Hepar-sulph or Silica are often used in the treatment of wounds which have become infected, while the healing of injuries to joints, ligaments and tendons can be greatly helped by remedies such as Ruta and Rhus-tox. Tsh_health_homeopathy_280he list is long, and covers many different types of injuries, wounds and all kinds of physical trauma.


Homeopathic remedies are never used routinely. Each individual case has to be assessed according to the specific symptoms presented by the patient; in the case of injuries the location of the injury/wound, the quality of the pain and other signs and symptoms will help to decide which remedy is best suited. For example for a small, superficial burn, the application of Urtica urens ointment will suffice to stop the pain, prevent blistering and promote quick healing. For more severe burns, Cantharis, Causticum and other remedies will be needed to be taken internally – and under the supervision of a qualified homeopath!


Without doubt, the most widely known and used remedy in accidents and injuries is ARNICA MONTANA. This amazing remedy is prepared from a little plant found high in the mountains all over the world, from the Alps in Europe to the Andes in South America. Its healing properties have been known in folk medicine for many centuries and millennia, and its use in homeopathic form has helped to extend further its sphere of action.

There is so much to say about the uses of ARNICA; it would require a whole book to cover them all, and indeed such books can be found.

I shall try to convey here the most important aspects:

1. Pain, aching and soreness, due to mental and/or physical shock.

2. Physical trauma to soft tissues; for bruises and contusions accompanied by pain, bruising and swelling. These include: eyes, muscles, head – very useful in concussions of the brain. (For trauma to internal parts such as abdomen or breasts, Bellis perennis should be taken, if there is no improvement with Arnica.)

3. Sprains and strains caused by prolonged and unaccustomed exertion, such as a challenging session at the gym, or a long walk after a week of sedentary work in the office, or after an energetic session of house spring-cleaning.

4. Labour (=exertion) and trauma of delivery: Arnica 30, taken internally, one pill three times a day for 2-4 days will be of great benefit to the new mother.

5.  After surgery or dental extraction, to prevent shock and pain and to promote quick repair of affected tissues. Excessive bleeding can also be prevented by taking Arnica as soon as possible after these interventions.

Arnica can be applied externally as an ointment or cream, or as a lotion made from one part tincture diluted to ten parts of water, but ONLY if there is no broken skin. Where there are skin abrasions or open wounds Arnica should be given only internally, as pills.

If you have suffered a recent accident or injury, or are preparing for a period of extra physical exertion, or are due to have surgery or dental work, do talk to a qualified homeopath. You will be given full information on how to use homeopathic remedies to help your body heal rapidly as well as prevent unnecessary pain and suffering.


by Aurora Yaacov, Lic Hom LCCH, MARH, Registered Homeopath