How to avoid last minute Christmas overwhelm

Top tips from Beauty expert and lowkey Christmas enthusiast, Desi of Shine, Church Street, on great gifts and simple prep for you to look good and feel great this season.

Christmas is approaching, so it’s a time where anxiety can begin to creep up. Thoughts can begin to whirl too fast and the feeling of overwhelm can rise. I can often feel this way each and every year in the beginning of December, so I thought this year, it’s my responsibility to try and be a bit more organised and start planning everything now.

SH Christmas Feet UPI always receive well intentioned invitations from family and friends to join them and be part of their Christmas enjoyment, but deep down inside I just want to do nothing!! The Christmas dream would be to simply pamper myself, cook a full roast just for myself and my husband, treat myself to the best champagne, put my feet up and eat a box of chocolates and maybe go for a nice walk afterwards. Is that so wrong?

Well by the looks of it, I’m not going to get everything I want for Christmas, as there are of course certain obligations to the festive season, so I’ve decided I want this festive time to be jolly, not perfect and add a bit of Christmas day fun to every day from now on.

Take a look at my top tips on how to look good and feel great, before and during Christmas this year.

First Thing!!

Be kind to yourself and make some time for a bit of pampering, that way you can be shiny and bright for all the relatives, having recharged your own batteries first!

Prep your skin:

Yes ladies, prep well in advance. Start eating more healthily now, reduce alcohol consumption, and drink plenty of water to avoid unwanted breakouts and to help brighten your complexion. Get plenty of sleep to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.


Double cleanse your face morning and night:

Moisturise your face am + pm, use your eye cream either day or night, or both, depending on what product you have chosen. Don’t forget to moisturise your body as well at least once a day.

Twice a week try using the winning combination of exfoliator and face mask. It’s the best way to get rid of dead skin cells and it gives your skin a healthy glow.

If you want advice on the best products for you, book in a free consultation to see our Beauty experts at Shine, Church Street or Newington Green by calling 020 7241 5033.

Most of us will have a good pamper session straight after Christmas using all of our Christmas gifts, vouchers etc…, but why not pamper yourself in that way now? Relax in a bubble bath with a few drops of the [comfort zone] tranquility blend, when you feel that the stress is starting to get to you. With cedarwood and sweet orange essential oils, it will leave a delicate fragrance on your skin, which gives an overall sense of wellbeing to your body and mind.
Light up some candles and your hygge is finished.
Feeling better already?

SH Christmas make upOn the day – Make Up

Don’t be scared to go full on glitter (just make sure it’s biodegradable) and why not try on some vibrant eyeshadows you’ve been too shy to try at other times? A bold lipstick shade in a very dark matte or bright red would stand out just perfectly too.
Now you have spent plenty of time putting your look together, you are going to want to maintain it, if you want to stay at your best for the dinner party.
Remember – if you want to avoid a shiny nose keep re-touching your nose with some powder and reapplying your lipstick – simple, but very important if you want to look complete for the whole night.

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Having a great Manicure is the cherry on top. Why not?SH Christmas nails glitter ball

When it comes to your hands, it’s such a treat when your manicure is impeccable on Christmas Day. A shellac is ideal so that you don’t chip it on the cooking or ripping open of presents.

The sparkly glittery look can work wonders for the younger generations during the festive season, but for the more mature woman, we recommend going for a sophisticated, classic colour such as red, burgundy, deep purple, black or even nude.

Sh xmas gift boxHave a sustainable Christmas

An awful lot of unnecessary waste and negative environmental impact often goes unnoticed, but Christmas can really bring it to mind.Think of simple ways to create eco-friendly habits. Look for recycled wrapping paper or brown craft paper.

If you’re using a gift bag, reuse one you have in the house and save any you receive this Christmas for next year. Make sure all the paper-based wrapping on your presents is recycled.

SH Giftset Day NIghtTry to buy organic and from sustainable companies that are eco friendly. For example we have Gift Boxes from Comfort Zone who have incredibly sustainable ways of working. Or why not give the gift of an experience with a Gift Voucher or Seasonal Offer?
Else make sure that all your gifts are from independent businesses, are homemade or are made by local artists or friends of yours that need your support in their chosen craft.


Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas, Desi xx