Men’s Grooming Tips For The Summer

Top Tips for Male Grooming at Shine, N16.

We all love summer, but the constant sunshine and heat can be a pain when you have to deal with oily skin, acne, tangled hair, sweat and the like.

Top tips for Male Grooming Shine N16 Skincare Diet Hydration London Beauty Salon Church Street Newington GreenYour skin is the first thing that people notice about you in the warmer months. Some men are aware of the importance of proper skin grooming, but some are still not and need a friendly reminder.

If you are worried about facing the heat this summer, don’t fear because help is at hand. This year is set to be one in which modern men’s grooming takes a few steps forward.

What worked for your father, grandfather or your friend, might not work so well for you. There are new products being developed and released all the time and it is so important to find a skincare regimen that matches your skin type and concerns. Once you find the right products, hold onto them.

You can certainly trust our skin experts at Shine Church Street and Newington Green Salons, N16, London for the best advice possible.

If you are unsure what to get, don’t be shy and call us to book your free 15mins consultation on 020 7241 5033.

Shine’s Summer grooming tips to help you look your best:

Top tips for Male Grooming Shine N16 Skincare Diet Hydration London Beauty Salon Church Street Newington Green

Cleanse daily am and pm

Men’s skin is oilier by nature, so you’ll have to take extra care of it. Start and end your day by cleansing your face, to get rid of the dirt that has collected on your skin. This will make it less prone to breakouts and look much fresher. Use a face wash that is free of artificial fragrances, soaps, parabens and alcohol, so that your skin doesn’t dry out.


Ever wondered why your skin sometimes looks dull? Your skin cells are constantly dying and therefore need to be removed in order for the new ones to come up to fill the gap. Try exfoliating once or twice a week using either small granules, free from micro-beads that you physically rub onto your skin, to remove the dead skin cells, or go for a chemical one, made of mild fruit based acids that will eat away the dead bits. Exfoliating will keep your complexion smooth and it feels great too.

Use toner

Yes, this is certainly one of Men’s favourite products!

I couldn’t believe the smile on my husbands face during a recent holiday, where he tried the complimentary toner in the bathroom and literally became ecstatic. What an easy way to keep your skin fresh, clear, firm and hydrated throughout the day. Just beware of using alcohol-based toners, as they will dry out your skin, which in turn will make your skin produce more unwanted oil.

Remember the moisturiserTop tips for Male Grooming Shine N16 Skincare Diet Hydration London Beauty Salon Church Street Newington Green

Just because it’s hot and humid, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t moisturise. Look for a lightweight moisturiser that gets easily absorbed into your skin, keeping it hydrated without giving you an oily sheen. Remember to add high SPF and protect your skin. As we tend to enjoy the summer weather and spend more time outside, our sun exposure increases and the sunrays can be damaging.

Visit a beauty salon

There seems to be a stigma associated with men attending salons. I’m here to tell you, that it’s totally acceptable for men to go to a salon to get their facial, manicure, pedicure, waxing or other beauty treatments done and that this isn’t a dangerous place.

Practices have changed, so men definitely deserve the same attention as women.

Cut your nails!

From my own personal observations and after many chats with my girlfriends over the years, I know that this isn’t something that men pay much attention to. Us women know how off putting it can be to see a set of scraggly fingernails or toenails and yes, we do always notice them. So boys, why not get into the habit of regularly trimming your nails? It’s easier just after a bath or shower as the warmth and moisture will make them easier to cut. Or perhaps leave it to the professionals and book yourself for a manicure or pedicure at least once a month.


Are you feeling self-conscious about taking your t-shirt off, because of your body hair? Well waxing might be the answer.
Now, waxing is not pain free, but it’s definitely worth it. The more you wax, the less it will hurt, as your hair will start to thin and your skin will get used to it with the process.

How do you prepare for a wax? 

Bring a clean cotton t-shirt to put on afterwards, as the shirt you have worn already may aggravate the skin. Avoid hot showers, baths, saunas, swimming and exercise for the following 24 hours after your wax. Remember to start exfoliating after about 5 days regularly to prevent any ingrowing hairs.

Top tips for Male Grooming Shine N16 Skincare Diet Hydration London Beauty Salon Church Street Newington GreenGet a facial!

What an excellent excuse to spoil yourself a little, get the benefits of great products on your skin and improve your complexion! There is always an element of pampering within a facial, designed to help recharge and revitalise you in the days ahead. One thing that our male clients love for sure is the essential oil hot mitts and towels, which can also help get rid of headaches and clear your sinuses. As a Shine client you will receive an amazing service, including a full consultation where you can discuss skin concerns and gain expert advice on home care from our beauty therapists.

 Another advantage to attending Shine is that all facials can be tailored to you and we have every product available to treat different skin concerns. Our experienced therapists will make it happen. Treat yourself!

Now you know this is not just a ladies game, you can go try the above and have some fun in the sun.

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Desi – Beauty Manager

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