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How to choose the right beauty products for you, with environmental sustainability in mind, with helpful advice from our Shine Beauty Clinic’s at Newington Green and Stoke Newington London N16

By the time you read this, I am hoping for spring to be in full swing. Meanwhile, the ever changing weather is keeping me at home today, warm and cosy, considering it is a perfect day not only to clean my wardrobe but also sort my skincare stash and maybe, oh maybe, make a cheeky order for that lovely face oil I was meaning to get my hands on…

lipstick colour products packaging sustainability environmental beauty clinic london N16 beauty therapist comfort zone dermalogicaAnd then I am struck with a question – do I want it or do I really need it? What do I have in line already and does it serve me well? If it doesn’t, how can I reuse it?

We are often overwhelmed by what is already on the beauty market, new products, terms, advertisement, even the influencers promoting the products on social media. Myself, I am guilty as charged for buying a few things I have seen on YouTube’s beauty guru’s video a couple of years ago and not liking them at all, being left to deal with sensitized skin and pretty low numbers in my bank account.

 These days, I am much more conscious about my purchases. I keep expanding my knowledge on brands as well as ingredients, and I’m also very grateful to work alongside a wonderful team of beauty therapists, if I need professional advice.

The two brands we work with at Shine are making a thorough social and environmental organic natural products packaging sustainability environmental beauty clinic london N16 skin care comfort zoneimpact. Comfort Zone, select the finest natural-origin active ingredients and manufacture their products in Parma, Italy using energy from renewable resources. Dermalogica, run their own Foundation, dedicated to educate, empower and support women all over the world.

When I purchase a new piece of clothing or clear my wardrobe, I always consider sustainability; the same applies when buying new skincare items. Since joining the online skincare community as one curious observer, I learnt not to follow every single piece of advice given. However, one of them really caught my eye. The hashtag #1empty1newbie on Instagram encourages buying a new product (e.g. your moisturiser or hydrating serum) either after or just before emptying the old one first. So we are really moving away from the era of Buy Two for Three and ending up with wastage or out of date products.

With this #1empty1newbie ethos, I manage to finish all of my products, my skincare shelf is neat and tidy, products are being used before their expiration date, my skin perks up from a dedicated, consistent regimen and my bank account looks fine so I can finally plan another trip to Paris, if not further.

Doing a little research and, more importantly, consulting a professional, are way more beneficial than blindly buying another product that may not work. Each product is usually designed and dedicated to the specific area of your face and body; but what if that moisturiser or face oil didn’t meet your expectations? Try using it on your hair or limbs instead. Remember though, to always follow instructions and stop using it if you have an allergic reaction.

What about if you have received an unwanted gift? Consider donating it or giving it away (as long as the gift is unopened, not expired and/or is sanitized before use).

wastage products packaging sustainability environmental beauty clinic london N16Packaging and waste are other parts of your skincare to be mindful of. If your favourite moisturizer comes in different sizes, try buying a bigger size. A larger product is usually much more cost effective for you, plus it can also make an impact environmentally.

Many companies use extra unnecessary packaging or ones that are non recyclable, yet another reason to consider more environmentally friendly brands and products.

By now you may want to know if I decided to purchase that face oil or not? To your surprise I will. Even though I already have two, I will run out of one by the time it arrives and unfortunately (or not?) my second one is about to expire, so I will treat my arms and legs with that extra nourishment and glow the oil can still provide.

The rain has passed now, so here’s to more sunny days, thoughtful spring-cleaning and happy skin!

Gerda, Head Receptionist at Shine on the Green and Beauty Enthusiast!

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