The beauty benefits of dancing

For those of you who know me, you know that I absolutely love to dance.

It is my form of meditation, as it brings me an amazing amount of happiness, stress release and relaxation, all at the same time.

It’s my mental escape at the end of a long working week. Dancing is my kind of cardio exercise. The best thing about it is that all I need to bring, is myself.  No gym membership required. My brain gets to quiet down. I don’t need to talk to anyone, so I don’t feel like my mind is running at 100miles an hour.

Dancing is the perfect activity to release the stagnation of having been stuck in front of a screen all day. It also makes a great change to just staying at home doing nothing, when I’m tired from a hectic week.

Dancing is also a great key to looking younger and enhancing your skin health, so why not get those dancing shoes at the ready?

It is proven that people who regularly exercise can reverse the signs of ageing, both physically and mentally. Studies have revealed that dancing has the most profound effect of all the activities. And wow…what a stress relieve it is! We all know that when stress takes its’ toll, it can affect the way our skin looks and feels. By decreasing our stress levels, some skin conditions can show a huge improvement.  So dancing is a great way to keep your skin healthy and vibrant.

Science couldn’t agree more. A study has found positive changes in mood for recreational dancers. Participants had higher energyThe beauty benefits of dancing levels and were less tense, compared to those doing a minimal amount of dancing or none at all.

Ha, I always wondered where my bowl of energy comes from!

Do not let your skin problems stop you from being active. Summer is here already, so if you’re planning to go to a festival or an outdoor party to show off your dance moves, there’s just a few basic self care practices for you to follow, in order to protect your skin:
1.     Make sure you take extra care if you have conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis or rosacea.        Wear a light moisturiser and at least SPF 30.
2.     Sunglasses and a hat can be a big a bonus for your skin. 
3.    Remember to keep yourself hydrated.

The benefits of sweat for your skin!
Dancing makes you sweat, which means it will unblock the pores on your face that get filled with oils and dirt. The sweat will keep your skin clear from the inside out, so it’s perfect for managing acne. Sweat also regulates the production of certain hormones, which reduce skin inflammation, so can help with reducing eczema and psoriasis conditions. It increases the blood flow to the body, so more oxygen and nutrients are pumped into your skin cells, the free radicals are kept out and detoxification is boosted. All this helps your skin looking younger.

Another interesting fact about dancing, is that it is proven to lower your chances of getting some forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Now what if you are a shy dancer…?
The beauty benefits of dancingI’m sure all of you must’ve watched a child dancing along to some up-tempo happy tune. I bet the child had a wide grin on his or her face and moved and jumped around without any self-consciousness at all. No one had to teach that child to do this because dancing is a worldwide cultural practice. It’s sad to say that, as we get older, we start to believe that there is a right or wrong way to dance, so we tend to lose this sense of freedom.

I’m sure that few of my friends worry too much whether they look cool enough to do it. But hey… why not try to nurture your inner self and nourish your masculine or feminine essence though dance? This really isn’t a competition. You can enjoy it without having to be the coolest or the best…just revel in this special experience, this honest communication between your mind, body and soul.

Next time someone gives you a compliment while you are out dancing, that you look beautiful or amazing, just say thank you! Don’t shake it off by saying you are all sweaty or a mess, because it’s not true! All your features are enhanced by your internal happiness and that is how you look and feel your very best.

See you on the dance floor.

Desi Petkova