How Reflexology can help your fertility journey

Preconception to Pregnancy and into Postpartum Renewal.
Supporting women and their family through their fertility journey, by Delta Streete at Shine, Newington Green.

SH ReflexologyReflexology is a fantastic approach to relieve stress and maintain your health. The benefits of sensitive therapeutic touch on reflex zones and areas aid in encouraging your body's ability to recover and function properly.  Receiving reflexology as part of your self-care practise relieves pain and improves feelings of wellness while assisting with the reduction or elimination of unpleasant symptoms. These changes can indicate your body's healing processes, allowing your best health traits to be more easily available to assist with the process of providing your baby the best possible healthy start.

Fertility, Infertility and Sub fertility

Navigating the path to conception can be challenging, and spending time processing the emotional and psychological consequences of preparing for or accepting postponements in conception can be lonely and stressful. By promoting the release of feel-good hormones that promote mental and physical wellness, reflexology can help offset the harmful effects of stress, particularly on your neurological and hormonal systems.  This is prenatal reflexology approach, focuses on improving both partners overall health before pregnancy and provides a compassionate neutral environment in which lifestyle adjustments can be addressed and discussed.

Whether the treatments are to help with egg or sperm problems, the impact of viral infections, period issues, functional difficulties, miscarriage, and so on, this specialist reflexology programme offers rebalancing and rejuvenating treatments which are responsive to the evolving personal needs of both you, your birth partner, and, if necessary, your medical team. They are designed around ovulation, with the goal of fostering a normal cycle and lifestyle choices for each woman, as well as invigorating enough to help with sperm mobilisation levels and optimise a healthy health balance for a couple before becoming pregnant.

Pregnancy care Reflexology

SH Expecting coupleThis natural therapy is a beautiful approach to preserve good health for you and your birth partner as the several trimesters bring forth varying changes. Now more than ever, a woman's health is essential to maintain enormous energy reserves and stabilise a pregnancy. Reflexology is a safe choice in assisting with the physical and psychological adjustments taking place at this time. Specialist first trimester treatments are available as well as expert plans designed to support all stages of your pregnancy. Treatments are helpful in supporting both partners to maintain a balanced, confident approach to self-care.

These treatments give effective ways of reducing the negative effects of stress and the accompanying tendency to throw the body out of balance and induce persistent flight or freeze responses. They provide valuable, regular time for you to declutter, think through, and process your feelings in general as well as your feelings regarding the arrival of a new baby into your life

This reflexology program provides a space to devote time away from hectic lives to focus completely on yourself and your developing baby. Women's bodies have a form that can give birth and care for their children. Reflexology during pregnancy is a safe and reliable way to support the natural process of your pregnancy. If you have health issues during  this time it is also an effective and secure technique for relieving a variety of discomforts such as indigestion or insomnia, morning sickness, haemorrhoids, indigestion, back and leg pain and painful breasts.

SH Health couple eatingThroughout this time, reflexology treatments for men can help assist, enhance and relax to release areas of stiff tension in the body. They also offer restorative windows for dealing with challenges, such as creating positive relationships with their nurturing side.

Treatment programmes are designed to provide a comfortable setting in which appropriate ways of dealing with common concerns, such as protecting loved ones, effectively recognising your growing child's needs, and reflecting healthy lifestyle choices, can emerge.

Both of these pregnancy reflexology programmes are aimed at fostering good support in order to make the arrival of your baby a happy reality.

Reflexology and Birth

Giving birth marks a change for everyone and brings with it new and some new unknown challenges for both parents and your baby who emerge from the safe cocoon of the womb and enter the very different outside world. Reflexology treatments in the last few week before and during your delivery time concentrates on providing pain and contraction relief.

A UK research paper shows how Reflexology during labour can help with pain management According to other research studies have shown women who have reflexology as part of their birth plan may recover more quickly and experience reduced anxiety whilst giving birth.

Please get in touch with Delta to discuss further if reflexology is something you would like to include in your birth plan.



Postpartum Renewal

Reflexology works wonders in the initial days and months following delivery to balance hormone levels and promote milk production. Additionally, treatments help to energise every system in your body and reduce a variety of discomforts, including vaginal and rectal discomfort and enlarged breasts.

Along with helping to managing surges in the heightened sense of protection felt towards your child as you go into new parenting territory, reflexology helps you develop resilience against more insecure and vulnerable emotions. It is safe for the whole family to use and provides reassuring support as you enjoy the delights of a new baby. In addition, by treating ailments like colic and digestive issues, this non-invasive therapy can help allay worries you may have regarding your newborns health.

SH Health Delta StreeteA special introductory offer of a £10 discount on 4 bookings paid in advance on the Pregnancy related Reflexology package is available to you. 

Custom 90 minutes Combination treatments are also available.


All treatments start with a consultation to create a picture of your health and how Delta can support you.

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