Autumn 2017: Beauty in Oppositions

By the time you read this article, there will be a matter of days until the first fashion week of the season. New York kick starts the run, introducing the greatest trends of Spring/Summer 2018.

Time flies, and even if I am writing this piece in mid August and do not follow fashion trends in particular (classic pieces based capsule wardrobe and sustainability – that is my goal), I always possess a great interest in what’s happening in the world of beauty and make up and do enjoy following the latest news.

And this year it’s all about beautiful oppositions!

Cream VS Powder:

One should never say goodbye to SPF protection at the end of the summer. How could you say no to possibly the cheapest, yet most effective anti aging product? Our skin condition tends to improve during summer as we stay outside, in the sun and also rest more. We stay hydrated and most likely improve our diets with greener, fresher meals too. The same applies to make up, so stick to your light, glowing make up bases such as tinted moisturizers, which often supply you with high SPF protection as we enter the autumn season.

Alternatively, powder foundations are making a great comeback – good news for those with oilier skin types or who prefer less dewy, yet polished make up looks.

A fantastic option from Dermalogica is our favourite SPF 30 Perfect Primer, a light bright base that can be matched with the lightest dusting of powder for an effortless glow that is sun protected.

Minimal VS Edgy

The famous ‘less is more’ philosophy always has a stable position in ever changing trends as well as in make up. Forget heavy, hard to work with foundations; feather light make up bases these days provide great coverage without that ‘cakey’ feeling. They can camouflage imperfections, yet leave your skin looking fresh and very natural. Choose to apply your make up in a light-handed manor, with a little bit of product at a time in thin layers. Such a technique will not only give you that ‘my skin but better’ effect but will also ensure the make up lasts much longer.

As for top colours of the season, rosy shades are the winners for fresh/day time/minimal make up and can easily be turned into an evening look with intensified shades, especially on your eyelids. If pink eye (no pun intended) sounds too eccentric, make a statement choosing a burgundy shade for the lips or bold eyeliner – these are such classic elements. Many make up artists encourage you to play with eyeliner applications. Choose bold colours (think blue, gold or Twiggy-ish thick black) as well as introducing different shades of red to your eye make up.

Perfect VS Imperfect

As gentle rose and wine reds are the top colours of the coming season, it also reflects the trends of make up application. Bold colours may require extra time and preparation but then again we live in the age of ever changing technologies – it is becoming easier to access products, which apply well, feel amazing and last longer. Matte lipsticks are great options for the bold, sharp look or the effortless, lightly smudged lips. Both styles of lipstick application are on trend right now. If the ombre effect is slowly fazing out of fashion in the hair industry, it is about to settle in make up. Again many lip products for both, bold or effortless application, are hitting the stores this autumn. Such techniques will provide an extra dimension to your make up look, whether you choose a natural and effortless look, or a bold and defined one.

Instagram brows VS Natural brows

Alongside personal websites and YouTube channels, Instagram became a great platform for beauty bloggers and make up artists to grow recognition and set new trends. Many of you are bound to be aware of the Instagram brows phenomena. Extremely well shaped, strongly defined brows became so popular, that soon the opposition trend of natural, almost untouched eyebrows was formed. Both of these trends remain popular throughout next season.

Trends come and go, and here at Shine we strongly believe in well-chosen products, advice from professionals and services tailored to meet your needs, whether it is a make up consultation or an eyebrow shape appointment.

This September we have a special offer for you:

For every 1 hour booked in waxing services, you get an extra free 15 minutes of your choice absolutely free. So you can have either an eyebrow shape or threading, lip wax or threading, an eyebrow or eyelash tint, an underarm or a half arm wax.

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