2020 New Year Beauty resolutions and trends

Beauty resolutions from resident Beauty Expert, Desi Petkova at Shine, Church Street and Shine, Newington Green.

New year, new you?

SH Beauty Natural FaceI’m not usually a resolution-maker, but this year I want to commit to improving my level of self care and skin care.
I aim to add a good skin supplement to my daily regime (even if it’s just a vitamin C one). Another resolution is to get better at doing my evening routine of a double facial cleanse and focus on massaging my wrinkly forehead a bit more!

I’m product obsessed, so I’m also planning to do less, stick to a simple but effective routine, so that I can keep my skin healthy and happy and not get carried away with too many different products.

In the last year I have reduced the amount of foundation I’m wearing, which has helped my skin massively. So, for 2020 I would like to be at least 80% foundation free.

I love being totally comfortable in my own skin and I’m always trying to focus on inner beauty. I do this through healthy eating, exercise and concentrating on gut health.

I would really like to commit to a monthly facial programme, as my main health and beauty goal, is always about findingSH Beauty Facial hands ways to reduce stress, which facials for me, really does.
Isn’t being relaxed the most beautiful thing?
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I would like to see more people paying the same attention to their skin, as they do to their hair or the clothes they wear.
The latest trend of “natural face lifts” is something that always excites me.
More of those to come in 2020!!

I’ve always been very excited about “real life” beauty and have found insta-make up looks unsophisticated and clownish.
I’m so glad that glowing skin, glossy lips and sleek, shiny hair are on the up within fashion trends at the moment. Forget about the caked-on makeup look, which has been a trend for the last few years.
SH Beauty colour splashI love the colour-pop eyeshadows in blues, greens, pinks and purples combined with clean looking skin, that we keep seeing on the runways lately. Dare to get adventurous in the new year with similar striking eyeshadow colours!
Natural and ethically produced ingredients are highly important more than ever before. People are much more aware now of what is in their products, where their money is going and what the ethics and values of their chosen beauty brand are.

The big names have always dominated the industry, but these days I keep seeing more people looking out for not so well known/ independent companies. [comfort zone] stays my firm favourite, non commercialised, professional skin brand.

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So may you happy, may you be well and may 2020 be your best year yet!

Desi Petkova