Hungry, for a change.

I often eat due to habit as opposed to hunger. I’m healthy most of the time, but every few months my energy levels take a dive, like an elephant is sat upon me.

I have been watching a lot of documentaries such as Food Matters and Hungry for Change. I was inspired to try a detox as its not something I’ve ever done before.

So here is my experience of using the Food Matters 3 day detox app. They suggest 1-2 juices per day, a salad at lunch and vegetable broth for dinner, so really it’s quite a manageable version! I tried for 6 days.

Day 1

Adding ginger and turmeric to lemon water was a really great touch. It made the drink orange and vibrant. It was delicious and made for a zingy start.

The suggested water with a tablespoon of Wheat Barley powder and Spirulina was not a favourite moment at all. I would rather have two juices and put the powders in there. Lesson learned: I’m a wimp. I’d rather not drink what looks and tastes like algae!

I’ve felt cold today. One of our Acupuncturists advised that it would be better to begin after May 5th, when according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, astrologically spring has begun. Well it’s April 13th and I’ve already bought 22 cucumbers! There’s no going back!


I will  simply wear more layers and drink lots of Chamomile tea. I went for a light walk for about 40 minutes all wrapped up and that warmed me up nicely.

The big batch of soup took way too long to cook and I was pretty hungry by 9pm when it was ready. Preparation is key!

Day 2

I slept easily and I’ve woken up well. I don’t feel in a rush to have my juice. I feel calm and with a flat stomach which is nice!

I’ve started body brushing to move the lymph. I did a small yoga session this morning, so off to a good start.

My legs have felt really achy, like growing pains again, so I need to get moving. I have found out that this is part of the detoxifying process. I still feel cold. Plus I’m having a strange taste in my mouth like cigarettes. I haven’t smoked in years. Could it really be toxin removal? Or is it just how celery tastes in your mouth after the fact? I’ve never liked celery.

Day 3

Now I’ve heard that this day is the trickiest, I felt so well yesterday I didn’t believe it. Today I am so Hangry. I’m sick of the taste of the juice. I want to buy other vegetables like beetroot and carrots to change it up a bit.

Still pretty cold but my legs don’t ache as much. I’ve been doing lots of body brushing and having a hot bath at night is settling me down.

Day 4

Today I had to get up early to make my juices and my salad as I was venturing out. I kept getting the fear of getting hungry, even though i’d over packed for what I would need.

The day out went well. I went to the supermarket having eaten my salad first; else it could’ve got awkward in there, like a toddler having a tantrum. I bought beetroot, carrots, apples, lemons and limes.


The joy of having a pre dinner Apple, Carrot, Ginger and Beetroot juice was unreal! The taste was stunning. It felt like a necessary reward to see me through.

Day 5 and Day 6

I am absolutely fizzing with energy, I am really bright and happy. I went on a big walk and felt very alive. I can feel my insides more. I can feel my body working.

So is it possible to not feel fatigued at least half the time?
For now, through juicing I would say yes. I have felt brighter and       happier than I’ve felt this year.


Day 7

Really I could’ve kept going as I’d gotten through the worst, but then I looked at the kale and cucumber and just said, “I’m over it!”

I had the breakfast i’d been waiting for – a large bowl of mixed seeds, oats, nuts, fruit, berries, raw cacao, dessicated coconut, honey and oat milk. It was delicious!! However after about 90minutes I was ready to fall asleep! Digestion takes it out of you. Plus having all that sugar was a crazy idea. If I was to do this again I would certainly take more care of the re entry back to varied foods. Very quickly I felt bloated and tired again. Perhaps I’m allergic to something that I haven’t recognized yet! Maybe its Gluten and Sugar that I need to cut out for good.

I intend to keep on juicing as part of my every day diet. Boosting all those vital nutrients really regenerated me and long may it continue. It didn’t take long for the weight id lost (6lbs) to come back, so I’d definitely keep this as something to boost energy rather than a quick fix in that department.

sh_health-sunset lake

Key tips:

Wrap up warm
Mix it up sometimes if you need to
Body Brush
Prepare the soup early
Take hot baths at night
Walks and Yoga
Have a realistic goal
Give it a try!

Sophie – Clinic Manager and Massage Practitioner