Pregnancy, Induction & Reflexology

By Resident Reflexologist, Delta Streete.

SH Health baby bumpRecently, I assisted a client who, at 38+ weeks pregnant had a one-off reflexology treatment at the maternity department of her local hospital. A midwife then advised her to find a reflexologist to assist with the final stages of her pregnancy. On the recommendation of her doula, she successfully came for a series of treatments with me and achieved her desired delivery outcome of a non-chemically induced birth of her baby. Our focus was partly on regulating her breathing to bring about a more mindful heart to heart connection between her and baby.  These appointments reinforced her sense of stability and the courage to deal with any changes which might come from the birth of a new baby.

SH ReflexologyComforting strokes especially over the lower legs and feet combine with a variety of specialised techniques, particularly around the ankles and big toes, were designed to provide a steady pain-relieving boost. As her body relaxed to a state of inner peace, her mind (calmed by these expert touches), settled into deep rest.

Regular midwife check-ups during her progression towards delivery, allowed for constant monitoring of the effects of reflexology on my client’s different conditions including cervix dilation, quality of sleep and pelvic discomfort.

Reflexology’s therapeutic touch can give pregnant mothers a sense of security, allowing expectant women to let go of anxiety, gain more self-assurance, and enjoy a growing sense of lightness and ease of movement. Appointments are also scheduled to support consistently when satisfying balancing the needs of your child with the demands of the rest of the world.

SH Expecting coupleTo minimise the consequences of the many changes pregnancy may bring like sciatica, oedema, painful breasts etc., keep in mind that I'll work one-on-one to expertly improve your ability as a pregnant woman to recognise and express your evolving needs. Reflexology can be especially useful in managing common pregnancy-related conditions, as it enhances well-being, may reduce the likelihood of nausea episodes, and encourages deeper, more restful sleep.

Seeing the benefits that clients receive from the growing integration of reflexology, doula support, and midwifery stimulated my curiosity and encouraged me to think about the fascinating developments happening to offer expectant women more extensive support options. Reflexology especially, is now becoming more and more popular as a non-invasive approach to help lower the risk of needing to go through a chemically induced labour procedure. This is especially true for women who are nearing the final stage of their pregnancies by seven to eight months, or 32 weeks or more. 


Delta Streete BA Hons, MCMA

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