Spring clean your make-up bag

Spring is finally here!! The universe has given us the message to get Spring cleaning.

I must admit that cleaning and organising my personal stuff does not enter in at the top of my list every day. Most of the time I’m too busy either working or cuddling my cat to bother. I prefer to devote my spare time to things that give me pleasure and are pampering. However there is a certain satisfaction about spring’s fresh start, that makes me get stuck in with the cleaning bug.

I love doing a proper de-clutter when I have the time. It frees up space in the house and in my mind.

Even my make up bag, which was on the brink of explosion, wasn’t left behind this year. I’m vigilant about throwing out dry, broken or expired products on a regular basis, but I also felt that my bag needed de-cluttering from things I no longer use, plus it’s always nice to make space for new and exciting products.

Trust me, your best beauty tool can also be your skin’s worst enemy if it’s with you for too long. Our skin can suffer if we overlook the need to clear out our make-up bag. Taking time to concentrate on what your skin really needs is the secret to success, as changes in weather and temperature means that we perhaps need more moisture, a higher sunblock, or a different shade of foundation.

So here are 7 very simple steps to Spring Clean your Make Up essentials:

1. The first thing you need to do is, take everything out of your bag and sort the products into 2 piles.

 1 = the products and applicators that you most use and will keep using.
 2 = the rest of the stuff that hasn’t been used for the last 1 year, or anything that may smell a bit funky.

Chuck the latter pile away!

2). Make sure you change your make up bag every 12 months, or at least machine wash it, as otherwise it can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

3). Clean your BrushesSpring clean your make-up bag
 Make up residue, oil and dead skin can collect on brushes and impact on your skin’s health causing breakouts, or eye and skin infections. In order to get rid of all the dirt and bacteria after regular use you need to clean them often. When wetting your brush, make sure you’re holding it head down under luke warm (not hot) water. Work a small amount of the cleanser into the brush hairs and wash thoroughly but gently. When drying, make sure you lay them flat on a towel or paper.

4). Foundation or Tinted Moisturiser (BB cream) expires usually 1 or 2 years after opening depending on the brand. Make sure you check this when you purchase it. For the spring and summer months, I would suggest investing in a slightly darker colour with a higher UVA and UVB sunblock, as you want to protect your skin from UV rays. My personal favourite for the warmer months is the Dermalogica “Sheer Tint Light SPF 20”. You can choose between a medium or dark tint depending on your skin type.

5). Mascara – usually expires within 3 to 6 months of opening, depending on the brand (remember to check when you first buy it).

I highly recommend going for a non-waterproof one, as the waterproof ones can contain antifreeze (I know, crazy), which is a bad irritant!

6). Bronzer or Blusher – chuck out any that are cracked. Let them go. All they will do is create a mess in your bag and an uneven application to your face.

7). Lipsticks or glosses – if they smell rancid they need to be discarded. If you can’t remember buying them, they are probably too old.

Spring clean your make-up bagLighten your load, clean up your favourites and make room for new exciting shades, tints and treats!!

If you want some guidance on what is best for your skin type or colouring, come and visit one of our expert Shine Beauticians.


Desi Petkova

For the whole of April….

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