“We are all creatures of habit”


A well known phrase for a great truth. If any habits are in need of being changed, then awareness is the first step.

Habits help us through everyday life and make living easier. Thanks to our habits we can generally spend less energy and time on things we are very familiar with as opposed to unfamiliar situations.

Habits are embedded inside our mind, body and our environment. They are connected to our emotions, feelings and memories on a conscious and unconscious level.

Therefore it is not easy to bring about changes in these habits when we set out to do so. It might take longer than expected or, at first, not happen at all.

In oriental theory it is said that change can only happen when external and internal time are right. Thinking of change in this way shows that it is part of a process, influenced by many factors of which you might not always be aware.

Shiatsu helps to create more awareness and provide better insight into how your physical sensations, emotions, feelings as well as thoughts and memories are connected. During a treatment your attention focuses inward, which will, in turn, contribute to your getting ready to consider change.sh_shiatsu biji

The acupressure applied during a shiatsu session balances out your energies and has a calming effect. It also puts mind and body in a good position to release daily stresses.

A shiatsu session enhances your awareness in many ways, for example it can highlight what feels relaxing, what feels stiff, where you hold tension, how tired you feel or if certain thoughts keep coming back to you. Towards the end of a session you will feel calmer and more grounded than before.

Regular sessions can help to strengthen your memory of letting go and unwinding. At the same time shiatsu increases your awareness of tension or stress. This new understanding can prompt you to consider a change of old habits for better ones. In time, this can heal and strengthen your body and mind, which, in turn, will help you to look after yourself.

If you want to experience what Shiatsu can do for you, book a session with Aruna at Shine Holistic on Friday evenings.