New Year NEW HAIR New You!



This month at Shine we are focusing on getting ourselves back in shape after the Christmas indulgence, and what better way, than to get yourself a fresh new cut? Look no further for your hair inspiration; as no matter what length or hair type you have, we can create the look for you.




Pixie Haircut


 Imogen’s striking new look was created by Marta, one of our amazing Senior Stylists based at Shine on the Green.

The perfect hairstyle that you can rock whether you have dark, red or blonde hair. Round, square or heart shaped faces can wear this look with ease. Also thick hair with a natural wave is ideally suited for this hairstyle. A pixie crop will frame your face and make your cheekbones pop.” – MARTA


A Bob

sh_hair-bob frontsh_hair-bobrightsidesh_hair-bob leftside take2sh_hair-bob back

This beautiful cut on Lucia was carried out by Vincenzo one of our Stylists based at Shine on the Green.

The great thing about cutting a bob is that it’s an unusual shape to form, which mean as a stylist, you can really use your creativity. I think that if you’re considering going for a bob, its a wonderful hairstyle, that especially compliments pronounced cheek bones” – VINCENZO


A Mid-Length Cut

sh_hair-midlength frontsh_hair-midlength rightsidesh_hair-midlength sidesh_hair_midlength back

This gorgeous cut was by Eva; one of our stylist’s who is based at Shine on the Green. Also a huge ‘CONGRATULATIONS!!’  is in order, as this month she has been promoted to a Director Stylist.

Mid length calls for versatility! Enjoy it with natural curls or a more smoothed finish.  The top is sectioned as a star, which allows for the hair to fall in a beautifully uneven way. A long undercut is then designed to flatten the bulk of thick hair, resulting is a classic but modern textured look.” – EVA


Curly Hair

SH_hair_front curlysh_hair-curly leftsidesh_hair-curly rightsidesh_hair-curlyback

Jessica one of our newest Stylists based at Shine on the Green created this fabulous cut on Jasmine.

If you have curly hair & want a trim; the key to the perfect cut is layers.  Layers will prevent a triangular or heavy bottomed shape to form, allowing the curls to perfectly frame the face.” – JESSICA



 Long Haircut

sh_hair-longcut front 2sh_hair-longcutrightsidesh_hair-longcutleftsidesh_hair-longcut back

Rima a Stylist based at Shine Holistic created this wonderful cut on Alice.

Alice has quite fine hair that she likes to keep wonderfully long; so a blunt one length cut, helps to make it look thicker and fuller. Like Alice, why not try some feathering around the face, to give a more dynamic shape to an otherwise simple cut.” – RIMA


If you would like to request one of these looks, one of these stylists or just make yourself a salon appointment, don’t hesitate to call us at Shine Holistic 020 7241 5033  or  Shine on the Green 020 7241 2065.